Review: Grace’s Bistro Set

Hi world! It’s Grace here. I’m going to write a review of my bistro set!


Bonbon came along to help too. :)


Look at that sweet face!


The first thing we will take a look at is the menu.


The menu is made from a plastic teal with different accents on the border. In the set, it includes 2 sticker sheets of words, numbers, and symbols for creating your own menu. This is just an example.


Here’s the base. It is very lightweight, and can tip over easily. Also, the color doesn’t quite match the bakery colors. But I still think it’s cute and am glad it was included.


Next, the accessories. First, we have this plastic plate. The croissant can fit easily on in, and so does my raspberry macarons. The tarts are too big and can’t fit, but I don’t mind. I love using this plate in the Patisserie!


Here we have this cloth napkin. It’s very well-made and many things can sit on it when you spread it out.


These berries look pretty realistic, but the blackberries are a little rough from the plastic bumps. They make a nice accessory and it’s fun to pretend it’s an ingredient for a pastry I’m baking.


This is brie, which is basically just cheese. It has a little texture on the top, as you can see. I remember brie from my trip to Paris, it was delicious! This wedge of brie is plastic, unfortunately for us dolls. :)

This cup is plastic too. The glass is clear plastic and the sparkling water has a lemon in it, and you can even see some small bubbles! The pink and white straw goes all the way to the bottom of the glass, but it is not removable. If it was, it would be lost too soon! A bonus it that I can hold this cup in my hand, if arranged properly.


Here, you can see the lemon a bit better.


This is the menu holder when it is holding the menu. My aunt (Catlover02) put something thicker in the place of the menu for a while, to kind of stretch it out. We didn’t want the menu getting bent.


The menu holder is extremely lightweight. Since Mom was taking these pictures outside, anytime a breeze came by, the menu holder fell off the table onto the ground. But I guess many of you aren’t eating outside with your Bistro. :)


The menu is made of cardstock, and there’s even little words on the back.


The glass of water is plastic, and so in the water inside. You can see little bubbles here too. On the bottle, it says, 1 litre, which is French for liter. The water stops near the top. This bottle of water is pretty heavy for plastic. I like it.


Next, we have the table. The top is in a flat, circular shape and the legs have an intricate design of swirls and loops. When the table first came, Mom said it was a little tilted, but she adjusted it and now it works. The table base is metal, but I’m not sure about the top.


Here’s the marble design.


Finally, the chair. This is my favorite part of the set. It’s metal, and it has a very fancy, French design.


The lines on the back make the Eiffel tower. :)


The little padded cushion can be removed by untying these bows. They are made of cloth.


I prefer to sit in the chair like this. It’s more ladylike and I don’t care to expose my underwear, even if I am just a doll.


You can sit in the chair without leaning back, but it’s pretty unnatural. :) It would give your abs a workout though!

Would you like some bonus pictures? Of course you would!



Oops, I forgot about the croissant! Well, the croissant is plastic, and doesn’t look as appetizing as other croissants, but it’s a nice accessory.







Best friends. :)


I give the Bistro 4.8 stars out of 5. I think the price is a little high, but good thing Mom bought it when it was on sale for $51 with free shipping! If you can’t get the Pastry cart before my collection is discontinued, I recommend getting this set. It has a lot of play value and the chair and table are great quality.

I’ll write again soon!


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P.S. Clara from Clara’s Craft Corner loved this review so much, she gave me a badge for the best review of 2015! Thanks Clara!





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