Review: Grace’s Charm Bracelet for Girls

When Grace’s Charm Bracelet for Girls first came out, I really liked it. Earlier this year, I created my own charm bracelet out of Shrinky Dinks. I really wanted to get the bracelet, because it was better quality than the one I made. I wanted to get the bracelet in July, when I had a $10 off coupon, but never got around to it. Then in August, when American Girl had free shipping, I jumped at the chance to buy it. :)


The bracelet costs $60, which I think is a pretty good price. The bracelet is very sturdy, maybe even sterling silver. I couldn’t find anything that said it was for sure sterling silver though. But it is made from some kind of metal.



The bracelet comes in a long box with a red lid and a blue polka-dotted bottom.



American Girl must have partnered up with Fashion Angels to make the bracelet. This label is on the side of the lid.


The bracelet was in the box like this. There were little bendable ties to hold down the bracelet and you could easily take it out.



On the end is a little American Girl tag.


The first charm is this bow. The bow is sewn together so it doesn’t come untied. This is the lightest charm on the bracelet. It’s one of my favorite charms because it’s different from all the rest.


Next is this Eiffel tower charm. It’s not the same as on the doll’s bracelet, but I don’t mind. There are 7 jewels on this side, and 2 sides have jewels, so there are 14 jewels in all. I have not had any problem with the jewels coming off, I think they are glued securely. On the top is a blue bow. This charm is metal, unlike the black and white polka-dotted bow.


Then we have the blue mixer. This charm has 2 jewels, one on each side. The bowl can spin on its axis. Inside the bowl is painted a yellowish color to look like batter. This charm is metal too.


Next, we have cute, little Bonbon. Bonbon is metal, painted black and white with a glossy finish. She has a blue bow by her ear, and a jeweled collar. I think Bonbon is one of the cutest charms. I love her little paws. :)


Here we have Grace’s suitcase charm. The charm looks exactly like her suitcase, right down to the circles and hearts on the red areas. This charm is metal too.


The charm can open up, and is kept together by a little, round magnet.


Unfortunately, some of the paint is chipping off the sides of the suitcase, which you can see on the edges. I noticed that the paint was lighter in the areas where it was chipping, like they didn’t put enough paint on the edges. I still like this charm though. It’s the only charm I’ve had problems with.

DSC_4197Next is the box of macarons, tied with a bow. This is, by far, the heaviest charm, because it’s metal and it’s so big. There is no covering over the open spots of the lid.


This charm can open too, revealing 3 macarons. The lid is a little wobbly, and I have to be careful in opening it up. I don’t think it will break anytime soon, it’s just wobbly. The lid closes with a round magnet, like the suitcase.


The next charm is the little envelope. On the front are 3 jewels. On the back (I don’t have a picture) it has a few lines for an address and a small square for a stamp. It also says “Bonjour” on the back in small print.


The envelope can open and close, and hold a mini letter inside. The letter says, “I love you” and fits perfectly in the metal envelope. The envelope doesn’t close very tightly and the letter kept falling out. I almost lost it, but now I wear the bracelet without the letter in the envelope.


The last charm is this Paris heart, with is identical to the heart on the doll’s bracelet. On the back, the heart is red, the same color as the lettering, and there’s another jewel on the back too.


The bracelet ends with this clasp. I can put it on myself pretty easily, but younger girls would probably need help from a parent or older sibling.


Here is the bracelet on myself. At first I thought the charms were pretty big and heavy, but I’ve gotten used to them. They aren’t that big, actually.


As you wear the bracelet, the heavier charms start to slide to the bottom. I don’t mind that much.

The bracelet is sort of loud. I mean, the metal charms make clinking sounds whenever you move it. I kinda like that. :)


I think this bracelet is worth $60. I rate is 4.9 stars out of 5, because of the chipping paint on the suitcase. All the other charms are fabulous. If you can’t wear Grace’s outfit for girls because they don’t have your size, this is a good substitute.

— American Girl Doll Artist


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  1. I love your reviews because they are so detailed- and it always makes me want whatever it is!
    Exactly how much is he bracelet?
    The charms are adorbs.