Review: Grace’s Travel Set

On my first trip of the year to American Girl, I was planning on getting items for Grace, since I had just gotten her in a January. One of the items I planned to get was her Travel Set. Unfortunately, it was out of stock. :( The second time I went, it was still out of stock.

Finally, we were taking a quick trip to American Girl and (Insert jump for joy here) the Travel Set was in stock! For me, it’s one of my favorite’s out of Grace’s collection.

1. It’s not as expensive as some of her other accessories

2. It’s very sturdy

3. It comes with super-cute tiny accessories.

Now, onto the review.

First of all, it’s adorable overall. I love the red color with light blue. The front of the suitcase is textured with little hearts and dots. The handle is so realistic and moves up and down like a real suitcase!



Can you see the little blue bows? There is even textured ‘stitching’! The light gray caps are also super cute and are another great feature.


I love the wheels, which roll like butter. Those two pegs help the suitcase stand up nicely, except when it’s empty. All the weight falls to the back, but it doesn’t bother me at all.


Time for the inside. Oh, wait. First, the clasps. These are super sturdy and I usually have no problem shutting them when Grace overfills the suitcase. They are made of metal, unlike everything else, which is made of plastic. Sturdy plastic, I might add.


Inside is an adorable patterned cloth and a light blue pocket. Plus accessories.


First, there are two pretend tickets to Paris. One for Grace and one for her mom. (That would be me). The tickets also are enclosed in a black and white paper folder. These tickets can easily get ripped into pieces, so don’t decide to go to Paris with your dog. (Or whatever pet you might have).




Next, the travel journal. It’s super cute, I like the light blue-teal color. There are a few entries inside. “Grace’s” handwriting is very pretty, I had fun reading the entries :)



It’s an adorable passport. As always, I love the colors. The doodles on the front are super nice. On the inside, there are a few more doodles on each of the black spaces.


Here is the lock and tag. Personally, the tag makes me want to wear that color. It’s Eiffel Tower shaped, and the ‘stitching’ is actually little holes pressed into the fake leather.  The lock is very cute, but the plastic wire is not very durable. Actually, I have no idea why they added a lock, since it doesn’t lock anything.  The only reason I see they included it is because they needed to store the tag somewhere.


Close up on the lock. The tiny wire can pop in and out to ‘lock’.


The suitcase is sort of small. It can only fit one set of clothes, unless you roll them up tight. About two pairs of shoes fit into the blue pocket. As far as I know, I’ve been about to put 3 whole rolled up outfits into this suitcase without is having a problem closing.


This is the full suitcase shut. It is not fully closed, but the metal clasps will take care of that.



5 comments on “Review: Grace’s Travel Set

  1. I am most likely not getting this set. In my opinion the price is expensive when it only comes with a few things. Instead I am planning on getting an our generation set that is $17 and comes with a light blue suitcase, a neck pillow, lots of food and lots of cute little writing accessories. I was going to get this set until I saw he our generation set. Nice review and I am glad you like it!