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When I went to the AG store to get my Grace doll, I wanted to get her Welcome Gifts too, since I would save $5. Then (since it was my birthday) my friend gave me some extra spending money and I had enough to get Kaya’s Limited Edition Shawl Outfit. I ended up not getting Grace’s Welcome Gifts, but I got them the next time I went to the store. The item I wanted most from the set was the beret, but I was also excited about the adorable food and accessories!

Grace’s Welcome Gifts cost $32 – $27 if you buy the Grace doll with them.


The set includes one beret, one box of macarons, one bag of Eiffel tower cookies, 3 postcards, and one bouquet of flowers.


The beret is my favorite piece. It looks really cool on Grace and it completes her Parisian look. :) On the beret is a little heart with a few sequins sewn on.


There is a little (I have no idea what it’s called) on top of the hat. The hat is made of wool and is fuzzy. The beret is easy to put on Grace; it just takes a bit of situating. Most people in the American Girl site reviews say that when you take the beret off, it messes up her hair. If you are really careful, it won’t.


Next is the bouquet of flowers. In Grace’s first book, it says that Sylvie actually gave the flowers to Grace’s mom, not Grace. I guess AG just wanted to include it because it was part of her story. The flowers are made of cloth and the wrapping is paper. The wrapping could be very easily destroyed with rough play.


The flowers shoot up a little from the wrapping and it doesn’t look very natural, but I don’t mind.


Here is the box of macarons. On the front it says La Patisserie, since the macarons are from Grace’s uncle’s Patisserie.


The cardstock box can open and the macarons can come out, but they are stuck together. I still like them and use them to stock Grace’s bakery.


This is the little bag with the Eiffel tower cookies. The bag is tied with a red satin ribbon that is sewn onto the bag. The ribbon can be untied and the cookies can come out, but it’s really hard to tie the ribbon again.


The bag comes with 2 cookies, which is nice if Grace wants to share with a friend. The cookies are plastic, and you can especially know they’re plastic when you hit them against each other. It makes a funny sound! :) The detail on the cookies is amazing. I just want to eat them!


The 3 postcards show landmarks from Paris. They are cardstock, and can be easily ripped or bent.


On the back of each postcard are some notes Grace has written to her friends and family. These are my least favorite items from the set, since I don’t really do anything with them.


Grace loves her Welcome Gifts. To determine whether it is worth the price or not, it depends on how much the person wants the Welcome Accessories. I like the whole set, except for the postcards, since they don’t have much play value. I think it’s worth the price of $32, considering the amount of details AG put into the flowers, postcards, and cookies. I also really wanted the set, and I am very satisfied with it. If you just want the hat, it’s probably not the best buy for you.

I rate this set 4.7 out of 5 stars.

– American Girl Doll Artist


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  1. I’m getting this set in the mail soon. Apparently, they still have it! It’s on sale, at that, for only sixteen dollars! While you’re at it, you can purchase this cute set that I got as well, called the Doll Spa Deluxe Goody Bag, for only four dollars.