Review: Hot Lunch Set

I took the photos for this post a looong time ago. And today I needed to make a post so I decided to use them. My sister, Samanthalover bought the Hot Lunch Set and she allowed me to write of a review, even though I don’t own it. :)


Kanani will be helping out today. :)


Here is the complete set. Well, minus the tissue paper napkin that isn’t very good quality…


Another angle. I love how easy piece goes just so on the tray.


This is the tray when you take all the food out of it. It’s a light blue color, and made of plastic. It says American Girl on the side.


Here is the tray upside down. There are some words on the bottom, like “Made in China” etc. The tray is very sturdy. It’s almost impossible to bend it in playtime.


Next is the fork, which is metal. I love how it looks like a real fork and you can use it with so many sets. It’s very cute and fits in the doll’s hand, if you prop it up.


The fruit bowl is super cute! The fruit is made up of apples, strawberries and oranges, and something else I can’t identify. The fruit is plastic, and fits perfectly inside the plastic bowl.


You can take them apart, and put something else in the bowl. I love the swirly pattern that goes around the bowl.


It looks like all the apples fell to the bottom of the bowl, doesn’t it?


Here we have the hamburger. The bun is a bit yellow, and the lettuce isn’t very realistic, but I think it’s cute and would be great for anyone who has Maryellen.


The milk carton can open up like a real one! The carton is made of thicker paper, and could be crushed easily. The straw, on the other hand, is plastic, and not hollow. There are even little ridges where you would bend it around.


This is how the straw fits in the carton. Pretty cute, huh?


The string cheese is basically just a cream-colored plastic tube inside packaging. As you can see from the photo, the packaging is very cheap,
it’s splitting at the sides. A few days ago I look the cheese out, because the ripped packaging bothered me. But I put it back in, because the cheese is pretty boring by itself.


The baby carrots have better packaging thankfully. We haven’t had a problem with it. The carrots are a mound of orange plastic. If you aren’t close up, they look pretty realistic. The label on the packaging is pretty cute too.


On the back, it says “Do not eat.” I’m not that desperate for food!


This brownie is my favorite part of the set. It looks so fudgy, and there’s powdered sugar on top. What doll doesn’t love that? I want to eat it myself. Hmm, they didn’t write “Do not eat” on this piece… Just kidding. :)


The bottom of the brownie has texture and no powdered sugar.


Here is the tissue paper napkin. It’s not very good quality and can be ripped VERY easily. That’s why Samanthalover wanted to keep it in the packaging.


So there you have it! The Hot Lunch Set. I rate it 3.8 stars out of 5 for the packaging problems and the fake look of the sting cheese and hamburger. I think that you should buy this set, only if you really REALLY want it, or if you have Maryellen. It would be best to buy this on sale.

Kanani can’t wait to dig in!

– American Girl Doll Artist


11 comments on “Review: Hot Lunch Set

  1. Nice review. I do like this set, but am watching for it to go in the deep sale section. :) Like you said, we aren’t that desperate for food.

    I think the other fruit in the bowl are grapes. Could possibly be cherries, but I’m leaning toward red seedless grapes.