Review: Lea’s Accessories

Aaaand I’m back! I have a very good excuse this time: we were moving. :)

Today I’ll be reviewing Lea’s accessories. :)

The set costs $32 on the American Girl website but I bought it along in her exclusive collection. It includes a camera with a removable strap, braided headband, a wish bracelet, 4 photos, a passport, and sea turtle book.


First, the camera.


The camera is entirely made of plastic, but it is very detailed and sturdy. There are different buttons all over it that look like a real camera, and the lens is adorable! The blue part even has a bit of texture.


You can take off the strap and there are little holes in either side of the camera that fit into Lea’s fingers,  giving her the ability to hold it. The “holes” have a little stretch so they fit snugly around her fingers.


The camera strap is made of cloth. It’s pink with yellow embroidery that is sewn on, not just printed. I thought it was orange when I saw it in the catalog, but it turned out to be pink. It’s pretty sturdy and easy to take on and off the camera.


Lea can hang the camera around her neck…


…or she can hold it in her hand.


The wish bracelet is basically 3 bracelets sewn together with a turtle charm. They are made of elastic, which makes it way easier to put on the doll then Grace’s charm bracelet. ;) The yellow bracelet says “Nature and Harmony,” the orange one says “Courage and Strength,” and pink bracelet says “Friendship and Love.” This is probably my favorite part of her accessories. It’s just so colorful and a big part of her story.


Here is Lea with the bracelet on, and you can see the metal turtle charm that’s sewn on.


Next is the turtle book. It’s a paperback book from National Geographic Kids. It’s actually pretty thick.


It’s an actual book, so you can read the tiny words. All the pages are printed.



The back with the copyright.

I think this is really cute and it’s a great prop for my dolls’ house.


Here’s Lea in comparison to the book. She loves reading about her favorite animal!


What travel accessory set would be complete without a passport? Lea’s passport has her signature circle and butterfly on the front with the word “passport” printed in gold. The passport is made out of cardstock.


Inside is her profile with her photo, date of birth, passport number, etc. The picture is a little strange..maybe it was photoshopped to look like her before she was actually released. Her date of birth shows she is actually older then Grace Thomas!


Then there are other pages for Lea to put destination stamps. They are blank except for several flower and turtle graphics.


It fits perfectly in Lea’s hand. Hopefully she holds onto it. ;)


These 4 photographs are made of cardstock. One side has the photograph, and the other is blank. I use them as wall decor in the wardrobe. They’re okay, but they would not stand up well in hard play.


There’s a margay cat…


…a sloth…


…a turtle…


…and a toucan.

Finally, we have the braided headband.


The headband is braided with hair the same color of Lea’s. There are orange, pink, and yellow strings braided in as well.


In the back, it’s tied together with elastic that’s covered in some kind of material.


There is also a pink, knotted loop also tied to the headband.

I was super excited about this piece when I bought the set. I loved the neon colors and couldn’t wait to put it on Lea!


That is, until I got home and discovered… it didn’t fit. I can not get it over her head. The elastic is not stretchy enough. I would like to cut it and then sew on new, longer elastic, but I’m not that daring.. he he. :P It’s a shame.. the headband is so cute!

Overall, I rate this set 3.5 stars out of 5. The headband alone is worth $20, and it doesn’t work. I do love the details on everything else though, especially the camera. Lea is happy to have a camera and her wish bracelet. :)

The Guiding Compass is coming soon!

– American Girl Doll Artist

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23 comments on “Review: Lea’s Accessories

  1. Yeah, my Lea’s headband doesn’t fit her, either! :( I actually did end up cutting it and was planning to sew on an extra piece of fabric or something but my cat stole it! :P I’ll have to find it first, haha.

  2. My headband fits, but not very well. It is a stretch to get the headband on, and the knotted piece is longer than the hair. Maybe you could use it as a crown or belt?

  3. I’m originally from Missouri and looking at Lea’s passport you may say that Lea is going into middle school this year but Missouri has an early cut off date meaning Lea will be going into 5th grade this year

    Just thought I might want too point that out

  4. Thanks for the review! That is a big bummer about the headband…😞 especially since they have another line of headbands that do fit! Can’t they just make them the same size? ;)

    Good lick on moving! I know how you feel ;) we are currently moving too!


  5. Hey i got lea her accessories and her rain forest house for my birthday i found out if you get the headband and pull at the start of the elastic the glue in it loosenes up and lets you put it on. I also originally could not get it on now its till tough but i can get it over her head.

  6. I have this set for our Lea and didn’t realize the part about holding the camera. The headband does go on. It takes a bit of patience and different technique. I put the it on first like a circlet or crown then slowly pushed the whole circle down to her neck, pulled her hair through the back to cover the elastic part, then gently pushed and rolled the front over her face to the top of her head. That was the difficult part. Not something tiny or little hands would do well.