Review of Isabelle’s Makeup Set

I have liked Isabelle’s Makeup Set ever since they released it. I finally saved up enough money to buy the set, the navy holiday dress and Isabelle’s accessories. I will do reviews on those later.



The design on the outside of the box is super pretty. The swirls make it look so fancy. Isabelle’s name on the box isn’t a sticker, it’s in the box, so it won’t come off. Looking at the magazine, I thought the “Isabelle” design was silver, but its made of sparkly sequins that turn different colors when light bounces off it.


The box opens up and there is a mirror under the lid. There are two other drawers, but they can’t be removed. The top part is deeper than the drawers, which is why most of the accessories fit in it.


Here are the little pieces. I will review the little pieces one by one.

Spray bottle: This is adorable. It fits in dolls’ hand perfectly. The top can be pushed down like a real bottle, and then it pops back up. This is one of my favorite pieces.

Ponytail holders: I love that the colors match Isabelle’s collection. The only bad thing about these is that they don’t stretch very far. Maybe it’s because I haven’t used them much yet. There is also 2 more lavender holders, but Isabelle is using them at the moment.

Lip gloss: The lip gloss is squishy! It’s like a real lip gloss container.

Hair pick: This isn’t big enough for dolls’ hair, but I think it’s for dolls to pretend to use. I love the sparkle purple on the handle and it even matches the make up brush.

Make up brush: The bristles are super soft! I think it looks very realistic.

Overall, I think American Girl did a great job with the accessories.

There are also 4 sheets of stickers. 2 sheets are to be used to decorate the box, and the other 2 are finger nail polish stickers. I haven’t used them yet, so I don’t know how well they work.


The stickers fit perfectly in the top drawer.


And now, for the make-up! I love all the different colors. It’s fun to pretend with my dolls. There is a spot just for the make-up brush.


On the back, it says American girl.

I would rate this box 4.5 out of 5 stars. Although it comes with a lot of items, I think more people would buy it if it came with more hair accessories and other items. I am glad I bought it before it was out of stock. Will you buy this fun set?

P.S. Have you noticed I made a “Meet the Dolls” page on the menu?





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