Review of the Happy Holiday Dress


Hi! It’s me, Kanani, and I’m here to help Mom write a review of the Happy Holiday Dress! The top of the dress has very wide sleeves, which is modest. Modestly is still important even for us dolls. ;)


I love the Holiday Dress. I think it’s super fancy and will look pretty on any doll. The bow with the big jewel adds a nice touch.


The sequins are sewn on the dress in a wavy pattern, but don’t worry. You can’t see the pattern from further away.


I absolutely LOVE the shoes. The silver bow matches the other holiday dress, and I really like the sparkle. The shoes don’t have as good of quality as some other American Girl shoes. I think they didn’t spend much time on the shoes because the dress is so fancy.


The headband is very good quality. The only bad thing is that the headband had a huge tag on it, but Mom cut it off.


My hairstyle is a bun. I have a lot of fly aways because my hair ends are split.

Thanks for reading!

– Kanani ♥



4 comments on “Review of the Happy Holiday Dress

  1. would you recommend it for the price? I would like to purchase it for my dolls. kanani, I love your green eyes. they rock . I love green eyes and names that start with K! go figure!!!!!!!!!!!!!