Review of the Happy Holiday Dress


Hi! It’s me, Kanani, and I’m here to help Mom write a review of the Happy Holiday Dress! The top of the dress has very wide sleeves, which is modest. Modestly is still important even for us dolls. 😉


I love the Holiday Dress. I think it’s super fancy and will look pretty on any doll. The bow with the big jewel adds a nice touch.


The sequins are sewn on the dress in a wavy pattern, but don’t worry. You can’t see the pattern from further away.


I absolutely LOVE the shoes. The silver bow matches the other holiday dress, and I really like the sparkle. The shoes don’t have as good of quality as some other American Girl shoes. I think they didn’t spend much time on the shoes because the dress is so fancy.


The headband is very good quality. The only bad thing is that the headband had a huge tag on it, but Mom cut it off.


My hairstyle is a bun. I have a lot of fly aways because my hair ends are split.

Thanks for reading!

– Kanani ♥


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  1. Leeli J. Wingfeather says

    would you recommend it for the price? I would like to purchase it for my dolls. kanani, I love your green eyes. they rock . I love green eyes and names that start with K! go figure!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. That is so pretty! You are so lucky to have that. Could you post some more pics of them? Thank you so much!

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