Review: Pippaloo’s Madeleines

Hello! Grace here. Today, I am going to be reviewing Pippaloo’s madeleines. Pippaloo makes delicious treats for dolls. They all look very realistic! Take a look.


They are a French treat, so they are a great addition to La Patisserie. 🙂


As you can see, they are perfectly doll-sized and shaded to add detail.


The madeleines are fully baked, to ensure customer happiness. 🙂


This set came with 5 plain madeleines and 5 chocolate dipped madeleines. Mmm….


They look very cute all together. I hope to be buying more treats from Pippaloo soon! Her food comes out on the 15th of each month, (Except in December, it comes out on the 12th) at 12:00 Eastern. Most of her food sells out within 2 hours.

LINK to Pippaloo’s blog

LINK to Pippaloo’s Etsy Shop


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