Review: Pomeranian Puppy

Kaya has finally decided on a name for her new puppy: Willow. :)

So she would like you all to meet Willow, the newest pet in the family!

Today I’ll be doing a review of her. :)


The Pomeranian puppy costs $28 from American Girl, and the set comes with one dog, and one green bone. :)

The core of the body is stiff and hard, with lots of soft, fluffy fur all over. Near the ends of her legs, there is just fuzzy fabric, but I’m pretty sure that’s how Pomeranians are. She sheds a little bit, but some of the past AG pets have been known to do that.

The bone is all plastic with a magnet inside so it can attach to the Pomeranian’s mouth. It has a little design on the ends made to look like tennis balls. It’s very sturdy.


The side view.The tail is spiraled up towards her back at the moment, but it’s made of cloth and can be pushed into a different position.

Notice the big American Girl tag. ;) I’ll be cutting it off soon. :)


The Pomeranian can also move her legs and turn her head.


And here is Willow compared to Jade. Notice how small Willow is! When we went to the store, we were all like, “Wow! Look how small the Pomeranian is!” Because we were used to seeing Jade all the time. :) But I love how petite and cute the Pomeranian puppy is. It made me want to buy it more. :)

Though she is small, she can fit into the different collars that fit the other pets.




Kaya is very anxious to have her new dog back, so I’ll have to wrap up.

Overall, I rate the Pomeranian Puppy 5 stars out of 5. There’s just so much cuteness, and she’s very well built. I think she is well worth the price, and I haven’t found anything I don’t like about her. :)

Which Truly Me pet is your favorite?

– American Girl Doll Artist

P.S. I uploaded a new Maryellen coloring page and a new Wellie wisher coloring page. Check them out in the menu at the top! More are soon to come. :)


30 comments on “Review: Pomeranian Puppy

  1. The FLUFF! :) I saw her at the store too, and she’s adorable. Thanks for the review!
    I like the Dalmatian and Pomeranian puppies the best!
    <3 , IrishAG
    P.S. Thanks for the coloring pages! My cousins and I love printing them out and coloring them. :D

  2. oh my goodness! My cat’s name is willow, it’s such a pretty name isn’t it? she’s really cute (Willow, your new puppy) !