Review: Seaside Fun Outfit

On our trip to the American Girl Store, I was still deciding what to buy. At first, I thought about the new Shimmer Doodle Outfit, but as I admired it in the displays, I discovered I didn’t like it as much as I thought. The style was nice, but the colors didn’t really stand out. I noticed the Seaside Fun Outfit on Truly Me Doll #47 and I thought, ‘That would look great on Jessica!’ As it turns out, the outfit somehow made its way back to my house. ;)

Since I brought Spring to the store, I tried it out on her. Jessica was very huffy to find that someone else had worn her outfit first, so today, she wanted me to do a photo-shoot with her in her fabulous outfit.


First, the sandals. These are super cute and easy to put on and remove. They thankfully don’t slip off her feet and stay on pretty securely.


Next, the doodle shorts. The shorts close with very sturdy Velcro. I love the mini icons. On the right side are a pink shell, a sun, a blue and a green starfish, red curlicues and the word, BEACH.


On the left is a blue sailboat, another green starfish, an orange anchor, a flamingo, another sun and yet another green starfish. The white fringe on the shorts is cute, but I think after some time, some on the strings might start coming out.




The last part is the hoodie. The flamingo is so adorable. There is only a small opening for the neck, but it doesn’t bother me.


The inside of the hoodie has little white strings, which can get easily snagged by Velcro.


Obviously, the hole doesn’t look quite so nice, but it is a super big help when putting the hoodie on the doll.


I was super happy that American Girl sewed Velcro all the way down to the end on the hoodie.



Jessica is loving her new outfit and gives it 4 1/2 stars!

Actually, I rate it 5 stars.

Well, I rate it 4 1/2.


4 1/2!


Oh, well. Good-bye!

-Catlover02 and Jessica

Jessica and Catlover02



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  1. I love this outfit too, and it looks great on Jessica! I was considering getting it for my doll Erica (#46), but I heard someone say that the shorts were unraveling more and more because there’s no hem at the bottom. Do find this to be a problem?