Review: Sit & Snooze Fold-Out Bed

This bed is one of my favorite things I received for Christmas this year. It’s a great addition to my doll’s house, specifically the bedroom. I mean, I didn’t really have much else in there, besides the bed. :)

A blanket and small pillow are included also.

First of all, I love the way it looks in the doll’s room. It’s a very colorful piece of furniture.


The chair/bed itself is soft lavender color. Personally, I love it, but I’m sure there are others that wish that this piece of furniture was a different color.




This is how it looks when it’s folded up into a chair. As you can see, it’s not perfectly straight when it folds up. The backboard is lifted up a little higher that is should be, creating a small slope; although, it’s hardly noticeable when a doll is sitting on it.


Here you can see the embroidered design a bit better. It’s embroidered with navy thread, but from far away, it looks blueish.


The flower and curlicues doodle design.


The texture of this is similar to that of a thin towel, but I haven’t seen anything really like it.

This is how a doll looks sitting in the chair:


Now for the bed:


Here’s the chair in its fold-out chair position. It’s not perfectly straight; it’s a little up-and-down, but when the doll lays down on it, it flattens out. I suppose it could be because I keep it in its chair position most of the time.


This is how Grace looks lying down on it.  The felt pillow doesn’t really count as a pillow to rest your head on, but at least it’s something, right?


The pillow is not very big, and make out of a medium pink felt. The pillow is actually a small circle, with the individual flower sewn on in four places. I can stick my finger right through the slots. (And I’ve done it too) :D


This is the back. Do you notice something missing? Well, you can partially see it, but its missing American Girl’s giant ego tag! That’s because I’ve made a point of cutting them off, if I’m sure it won’t ruin anything. There was also one on the chair, but it was annoying the try to tuck it back into the folds again and again, so it met it’s fate. :)


Next, the chair comes with a woven blanket. It’s very pretty and cozy-looking. I almost like it more that the chair itself!


On the edge there is a cute fringe. None of them have gotten loose or anything, but I think it will in the near future.


The woven part, or sweater-knit, as AG calls it, is a white color, but not fully white. Compared to Kit’s bed mattress, this blanket looks very cream. There are little silver strips woven into the white. This gives the blanket a sparkly look.


American Girl also stuck their tag on the lower left side of the blanket and it is impossible to remove without ruining it. Thankfully, it almost blends in, if you aren’t looking for it. :)


And that’s it! Grace says, “Thank you for reading”.

A little extra fact: I use the blanket and pillow on Kit’s bed, because I painted it white and didn’t have any suitable bedding that would match. Here’s a photo:

-Catlover02 and Grace





9 comments on “Review: Sit & Snooze Fold-Out Bed

  1. Nice review! I like how you painted Kit’s bed white. That was a unique idea. :) I have a fold-out bed like yours, but it’s from the American Girl hotel and it doesn’t fold all the way down to the ground. :)

    -American Girl Doll Crafter

  2. This is one of my favorite pieces too, I think it’s very cute and versatile. I love the blanket, I think they need to include more of these with bedding type pieces.

  3. I want to get this set just for the blanket! I imagine it sitting in the winter chalet, in the pretty city carriage, or just on the fold out bed! Also, I love how Grace is rocking the seaside fun outfit in the middle of winter☃☃ I know how you feel with cutting off the tags, seriously AG why don’t you put the little tiny tags you put on clothing on headbands and other tiny things!!!

    Overall, do you think this set is worth 48$, or should I wait for a sale? Great post!

    • LOL! My dolls are ready for some warm weather! I know, it’s ridiculous, especially on the headbands!
      The fold-out bed has been on sale numerous times, so I think it will go on sale again. But I think $48 is worth it. :)