Review: Spring Breeze Dress

Hello everyone! Today I’m going to be reviewing the new Spring Breeze Dress Set for dolls from American Girl. I purchased it on a trip to the AG store last weekend. 🙂


Lea was picked to model this time. 🙂 Ahem, I mean, she’s my newest doll, so of course she’s modeling it! 😉

When I first saw this outfit I loved it immediately. It looks like an outfit I’d wear and the sky blue color just screams springtime!


Here is the complete outfit. It currently retails for $32 and comes with a dress, a tulle overlay, a pair of leggings, a headband, and a pair of sandals.


We’ll start with the headband. The headband is made of blue plastic with little sparkles in it. The sparkles do not come off. It fits snugly on the doll’s head and it’s easy to adjust it for the look you want. It’s pretty sturdy but I wouldn’t recommend bending it. 😉


The tulle overlay is the same color as the dress. It has small diamonds all over the fabric. The overlay closes in the back with Velcro, which is surprising very strong. Some of the other AG outfits have weaker Velcro, but this is the complete opposite. Some of the tulle got a little snagged on it but I gently removed it and I don’t think it did any harm. Younger children might have a problem with this.


There is a bow on the left shoulder. It’s sewn in place and cannot be untied, which is easy for fast dressing.


The leggings are a bit lighter than the dress, but they are still match the outfit nicely.  The leggings are very simple and are great for mixing and matching!


I love the length. I haven’t seen American Girl release many capri leggings. Usually they have long leggings or none at all, but I really like these. 🙂


The shoes are so cute! There’s a band of tulle that goes around at the top. Since the tulle stretches easily, there’s a clear band of stretchy material (like on other AG sandals) to keep the shoes from falling off the doll’s feet. So far, they haven’t.


On the outside of the foot is a bow on the tulle which I think looks cute and fancy. 🙂


Lastly, we have the dress. It’s like a knit tee, which a tulle skirt and knit lining sewn to it. I like the simple but cute look to it. The color looks fresh and it makes a nice play outfit for a warm spring day.


There’s a small American Girl tag on the left side of the dress. I actually kind of like it! 🙂


The skirt is made of tulle with lace accents and a knit lining underneath.


Lea loves the Spring Breeze Dress! I think the blue color looks really good on her.

Bonus pictures!


I really like her innocent look in this one.



I rate the Spring Breeze Dress 4.8 stars out of 5. The reason is because the first Spring Breeze dress I bought at the store had ripped up stitching in the neckline. Thankfully they let us exchange it. So I have no complaints with the actual outfit, except the fact that the Velcro is a little too strong. I love the cuteness of this outfit and I have a feeling that my dolls will be wearing it quite often!

I took these pictures multiple days ago but I wasn’t feeling well enough to write a post. My family had pizza this last Tuesday. Our pizza is homemade because we have food allergies and the crust has pumpkin seeds in it. A few hours after eating it, my muscles started shaking, like I was cold and shivering, but I wasn’t. The next day, I had a panic attack. I didn’t eat pizza that day, but I did have sunflower seed butter. My body had had enough seeds in the crust and started rejecting all kinds. It took me a few days until I figured out what was wrong, but God helped me figure it out. I am so thankful I am better and hope I never feel like that again!

– American Girl Doll Artist

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  1. Thanks for the review! My sister is thinking about buying this, so it’s really helpful. 😉 I love the photos. How do you get the light to look pink-ish in some of the photos? That’s a really cool effect! 🙂

    I’m so sorry about the pumpkin seed thing! 🙁 That’s awful, but I’m glad you’re feeling better.

    -American Girl Doll Crafter

  2. Amazing review! This is my favorite outfit from the new release. And your pictures are amazing! I think you are my favorite AG-Blogger Photographer! Hey, that rhymed! Hehe. And I am glad you are feeling better! ~Mya

  3. Wow, Lea looks so sweet! That dress is so cute! I like the lace and the sparkly headband the bast. And the photos are awesome. 🙂
    <3 , IrishAG

  4. Lea looks amazing!!! I’m so getting this outfit now! 😉 I hope you feel better soon!

  5. Lea looks stunning in the Spring breeze dress.

  6. The color looks very nice on Lea!

  7. Awesome review! I love that outfit, but I’ll probably only get it if it goes on sale. The photos are gorgeous!! 🙂

  8. Wow! Lea is stunning in blue!! Your pictures are so clear and pretty! I’m so sorry about your panic attack!!! I hope you feel better!!!


  9. Thanks for doing a review, I really want to save up for this dress and the girl-sized one, so this really helped! 🙂
    I’m so sorry to hear about the pumpkin seed thing. I hope you feel better soon!

  10. Thanks for doing this review, this is my favorite outfit from the release! Lea is adorable 🙂

  11. I agree with everyone who said that Lea looks great in this outfit and that your photos are very impressive! What kind of camera do you use?

  12. This dress is SO pretty! I really want to buy it sometime 🙂
    This was a great review and the pictures were gorgeous! Also, I’m so sorry that you weren’t feeling well. It sounds like it was awful 🙁 But I’m glad that you’re feeling better now 🙂

  13. That dress is sooooooooooo cute on Lea!

  14. Julia Grace Phillips says

    Beautiful pictures!

  15. Great review! Lea does look adorable in that dress!
    -Emma (

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