Review: Winter Wishes Outfit

Hey everyone! Back when I bought Camille, I debated between purchasing the Winter Wishes outfit or the PJ’s. Well, the Winter Wishes outfit won and Camille is going to help me review it.


The Winter Wishes outfit is $28 dollars from American Girl and includes a dress, cape, shoes and a tiara.


The dress itself is a pretty plain style and is completely covered in glitter. It shed a bit at first, but thankfully it wasn’t a sparkle explosion. 💖

The fabric is very stiff and still has the wrinkles from the packaging and isn’t very soft to the touch.


It’s very easy to get on and off and connects in the back with Velcro.


The shoes are completely made of rubbery plastic, with little fabric puffballs on top. They’re very cute, but would have been cuter if they weren’t so plastic-y.

Well, I like them.


Next is the crown headband. It is entirely made of glittery, translucent, blue-tinted plastic, and is pretty thick. There are a few decorative designs on the front, but nothing on the back.


Lastly, we have the fur cape.

My favorite part.

And also mine. It’s probably the best quality item out of the whole outfit. The fur is very soft and is embroidered with swirls and snowflakes.

The right side…


And the left side…


The embroidery doesn’t continue all the way to the back, it just stops halfway around.


The cape is a little hard to close for little fingers. It’s a small button on one side and an elastic loop on the other.





Overall, this outfit has kind of a cheap feel to it, besides the gorgeous cape. I feel AG could have lowered the price a little, but Camille loves dressing up in it.

I give this outfit 4.3 stars.

And I give it 5 stars! 



Thanks for reading! What are you hoping to buy for your dolls this holiday season? :)

– Catlover02

And Camille. I count too ’cause I helped.

Oh, yes…

– Catlover02 AND Camille


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  1. That outfit is gorgeous. Camille is my favorite Wellie Wishes and blue is the color I am partial to. Camille looks like a princess. Great review.