Review: Z’s Easy Breezy Outfit

Hello! :D

A lot of you know I’ve been in love with Z ever since she came out. Her collection is just so cute. *dies* My mom was taking a trip to the AG store and asked if there was anything I’d like (the whole store, thank you very much). I picked out Z’s Easy Breezy Outfit and her filming accessories. Today I’ll be reviewing the outfit. Tay will be my helper. ;)


She says to tell you all hi. XD

*thinks Tay is cute* *is glad Tay cannot read minds*

Tay is glaring.

On with the review. *nervous smile*


Z’s Easy Breezy Outfit consists of a shirt, jeans, shoes, and a headband. It costs $28.


The plaid shirt is ADORBS. The design is super cute and it could go with many different colors of jeans or shorts. I love it.

There is decorative stitching on the front of the shirt, 3/4 length sleeves, and an uneven hemline on the shirt.

The fabric of the shirt is more on the thinner side of the spectrum, but personally I like it. It makes the shirt more lightweight and fits the doll well.


I was very pleased to discover the shirt has no Velcro. The buttons on the front of the shirt actually work!


One downside to the shirt – mine has a few stitching problems. A few stitches had come out on the arm hole seam, and you can see in the photo above a little loop of thread that is visible. This isn’t too big of a deal, since I know how to sew and could fix it, but it would be better if there wasn’t this problem in the first place. ;)


The back of the shirt.


Next, the headband! This is just a simple piece of elastic with a star design on it, but I actually love it! I’m glad AG at least put a pattern on it, instead of leaving it just coral colored. It adds a nice touch to the outfit. The headband is very easy to put on; I haven’t had any problems with it!


When Tay turns her head, you CAN see a tag in the back of the headband underneath her hair. I’ll just be cutting mine off. ;)


Augh, I just LOVE the jeans! Super simple, but adorable! The paint-splattered look (I think) is really subtle but it fits Z’s personality perfectly. The denim fabric is really nice quality, and the pants close in the front with Velcro. I’d rather the pants have elastic, as the Velcro creates a bump in the front under the shirt. The plaid shirt DOES hid the bump nicely though. :)

I can’t wait to use these jeans in tons of outfits. They will go with a LOT!


(Permapanty free!)

In the back of the jeans are pockets.


Finally we have the shoes. They’re super cute high-tops with actual laces you tie/untie to put on the doll’s feet. :) The soles are made of a really nice rubber, and the inside is lined. Very well made.


*dies of cuteness*


And there you have it! Z’s Easy Breezy Outfit is rated 4.7 stars by us! I honestly think this is a steal for the price of $28. Compared to a lot of other items being sold by AG recently, this one has awesome quality. If you love Z, I recommend you add this to your collection. You won’t want to miss out!

And now Tay, who says she feels cool in her high tops, will know be showing you all a hip-hop dance.

(Imagine a dance happening here. An AWESOME dance)

Thanks for reading! :D

– American Girl Doll Artist


19 comments on “Review: Z’s Easy Breezy Outfit

  1. Thank you for the review. I like the working buttons and shirt tail hemline of the shirt. Also the fact it is a neutral; like you said will pair well with any color bottom.

    The pattern on the jeans makes me think of lace; I can see paint splatter too.

    The shoes are cute and the real lacing is great. Is the material a hard plastic or a lined vinyl?

  2. Yipee! I’ve been having my eyes on this outfit for a while! I’m happy AG is going slowly transitioning into better quality stuff. (Ex. no permapanties, keeping old packaging, using real buttons, etc.) I’m excited! I really want to purchase the filming accessories for my doll Bella, will you be doing a review on that too? I hope so! <3

  3. Aww, that outfit is so cute- I mean, cool, on Tay. The hadband is really nice, I like it. * internally hopes Tay didn’t hear me accidentally say cute.*
    ~Katherine ⚽️

  4. I love the jeans and high tops. It would be really cool if they had that outfit for girls. Sadly AG doesn’t sell shoes for girls. But they TOTALLY should.