Review: Z’s Filming Accessories

A lot of you wanted a review of Z’s Filming Accessories after I reviewed Z’s Easy Breezy Outfit, so that’s what I’ll be reviewing today! :D

Z’s Filming Accessories were released Spring 2017 and as soon as they came out, I knew I wanted to add it to my collection. The set is just too cute and realistic!


The set costs $28 and consists of a backpack, a camcorder, a tripod, a smart phone, 3 screen images, a camera, and a camera strap.


The backpack is just adorable. I can’t get over how cute and colorful it is. XD

The backpack is made with a fabric I don’t know the name of, but it’s a fabric sturdy for playtime. :)

It has two adjustable straps, it opens and closes with Velcro, and features little iron on sticker-like accents.


There’s a little camera, a flash sign, and a play button.


Near the bottom there’s a “Z.” sticker.


Here you can see the patches of Velcro, which is how the bag stays closed. They aren’t that strong, but they get the job done. The metal-looking clasps on the straps are actually plastic. I don’t mind, they look like metal in photos and since I’m using the set for photography, it’s fine with me. ;)


Inside the bag, we have this pretty teal color! :D I’m loving all the colors in this set.

All of the filming items in this set can fit in the bag.


Besides the arm straps, there’s a little loop at the top for a doll to slide her fingers around.


Next we have the smart phone! It’s made up of two pieces that fit together, and both are made of plastic. The back piece has a strap to fit around the doll’s fingers!


The two pieces fit together so a screen card can be shown.


While I love the phone, and can see myself using it a lot in photo shoots, the second piece of the phone is snapping apart as you can see in this photo (and as of this time, the whole back has snapped off completely). I plan on hot glueing it at some point, but this isn’t exactly the kind of American Girl quality I expect. ;) This is probably the most disappointing piece in the set.


The camcorder is super cute! It also has a strap for a doll to hold, and it has a screen to flip out and see what she’s filming.


It opens up in the back to see change out the screen.


Here’s Tay holding the camcorder. I still haven’t figured out the best way for her fingers to be in the strap.. The camcorder is a cute piece but I think it fits best on the tripod. ;)


There we go! XD

Overall I like the camcorder, I just probably won’t be using it as much as the camera, as I don’t use one often in real life.


Next up, the tripod! The tripod is made up of two pieces – the top piece that grips an electronic, and the base with the three legs. It’s a piece good for looks, since it’s not a very sturdy piece at all.


The top part can pop off. This way it fits better in the bag. :)


The tripod can fit the camera, the camcorder, or the phone! It squeezes open and adapts to fit the electronic you put in.

My thoughts on the tripod are that it’s cute, and I like the size, I just wish it was sturdy. ;)


Behold.. the camera!!

*heavenly music*

Isn’t it beautiful?!

*wipes a tear*


The camera is made of black and silver plastic. It has two little finger loops so your doll can hold the camera to get the best shots.


The screen on the back can open up so you can fit a slide inside. It opens up quite smoothly and the slides stay inside well. I like this feature, it’s pretty cool!


The satin-like camera strap is colored to match Z’s collection. It’s really cute! It lays much better than the strap on Lea’s camera. The colorful cameo is adorable as well. It’s very fun and pretty!



That concludes my review of Z’s filming accessories. I rate this set 3.5 stars out of 5. It has great play value, but the quality isn’t super great. However, I’m really glad to have this set! :D My dolls will be using it a lot.

What’s on your AG Christmas list this year? I’d love to know!

– American Girl Doll Artist


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  1. This was such an amazing review! Now I want it.😂 Especially that beautiful camera. Hmm, I was hoping to get Gabriella’s chair and ottoman set, because. . . I mean. . . that chair though.😍 I think It’d look cute in a AG doll house.
    What are you hoping to get?
    ~Katherine ☃