American Girl: New “MG” Book Series

A new author, Kellen Hertz, has partnered with American Girl. She will be writing a new series of books by American Girl, titled “MG” on Amazon. People have guessed the letters stand for “Middle Grade” or “Modern Girl.” No one knows for sure yet.

There is no description or listing photos on the Amazon book listings, but it states the books are  “A new middle grade series featuring contemporary characters!” Currently, there is 2 novels, and a character journal filled with doodles, lists, recipes, and journal entries.

These books are scheduled to be released by Amazon on Jaunuary 31st, which is a Tuesday. AG never released things on a Tuesday, so I’m guess they’re going to be released a few days later. They could be released any week, though. I don’t know for sure.

The character of these series is rumored to be named Tenny. She’s a singer from Tennessee, and she may have a little brother named Logan.

If this is true, it will answer both the “modern character” and the “boy doll” rumors .

I don’t like the idea of a modern character, especially one from Tennessee who likes to sing. I think that’s a little boring, because I’m not into singing, and American Girl is just about to release Melody, who’s story is mainly about music.

Oh! Melody is set to be released on August 25th! Right now that seems so far away though.

What do you guys think about all this? I’m interested to see which direction American Girl is going to take over the next few years.

– American Girl Doll Artist


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  1. Logan….Tennessee? Wait, what? Kinda reminds me of Logan Guleff, the winner of MCJ2, who is from Tennessee!

  2. Girl? From Tennessee? Likes to sing?


  3. I wish AG would freeze right now and not change anything…why do they have to keep changing?

  4. I’m interested to see what the books are about. It would be cool if they’re about an older girl.
    It does seem kind of weird to have the character be a singer if they already have Melody…

    • Yes, it does. I think AG is running out of ideas. They need some more interesting/diverse stories.
      It would be weird to have just one boy doll. Also I feel like Logan wouldn’t be a big part of the series because the GOTY/Beforever character’s siblings are usually downplayed and not very important, if you know what I mean.
      I don’t like the idea of a modern character-that’s what Truly Me is for! AG is changing too much WAY too fast, and I’d say most of the changes are not going to be very popular especially among the people who have been fans of their company from the start.

  5. It would be so cool to have an older girl from AG!

  6. When are you going to post the guiding compass?

  7. :O I hope they don’t do a boy doll! That would be weird. Their company’s name is American GIRL, not American Kids. A boy doll would just be weird.

  8. Grrrrrrrr, of course ag had to make middle school books the year I’m a high school freshman

  9. Aaah! Melody is released on my b day! Yay!

  10. Avatar Katherine says

    Ya know, I saw that they had trademarked both of those names, and I thought, ” maybe they’re going to be the names of the new goty?” But I guess not. I’m not really sure about a boy doll. It American GIRL. I agree, there going to make Melody, why another singer?! Why not a magician, or a cooker. Not a baker, ag, a cooker.
    ~ Katherine 🐨

    • They could make a writer. I don’t think any of the GOTY or beforever write stories. They could also use some other sports.

      • Yeah, kit was a reporter, but that’s not the same, a writer is a very good idea. I know! They could make a gaga ball player! Or, maybe a football player, I donno, some girls play football, I’m not big on sports though. I KNOW, THEY SHOULD MAKE ONE THAT DOES ARCHERY. Sorry. Ok I have so many ideas running through my head right now. Ok, so sometime in February my sister and I made up a doll from Alaska who does dog sledding, so she had like seven huskies and three Samoyeds. One more, they should definitely make one that does paint balling, like what Loren from happy house of ag said.
        Sorry for the long comment,

        • Archery is a really good idea. Very unusual. I’m not sure how a doll like that would sell though. I think they need a dog sledding girl from Alaska. I would absolutely love that. A beforever character, possibly? No problem, you have great ideas!

  11. Avatar Katherine says

    * they are*

  12. Mmmmm.. Maybe ‘Modern Girl’ is the new name for GOTY if they are planning on changing the name. Pretty unoriginal 🙁 I agree she doesn’t sound very exciting. Come on AG lets spice it up a bit!! But I am excited for Melody but not sure if i’ll get her
    but I am a fan of singing and music from that time period so I’m pumped 😀
    Lydia’s Dolls

  13. bleagh, stop it ag!

  14. aaaaauuuuugggghhhh!!! I need another guiding compass part! pllleeeaaasssee! the last one was NINE posts ago!

  15. Uhhhh, where is AG going with all this? Hello! You’ve created a doll named Melody who also loves to sing! I think they are running out of ideas, because they are creating all different kinds of dolls, books, accessories, and especially sales. I wonder if they are having difficulties?

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