Recent Rumors… True or False?

There are been many rumors going around recently. Some of which are better then others, I might add. Some of you might not know about these so I’m here today to fill you in, and offer my thoughts about each one. :)

Take in mind these are only rumors and have not yet been confirmed.

Rumor #1 – No More GOTYS.

That’s right. None. Lea is the last one. So instead of the GOTYs, there are going to be modern girls with stories.

Evidence against this rumor:

When Valerie went to the AG Headquarters, she was told they were already working on GOTY 2018.

My theory is that they are just renaming the GOTY line and switching it up a bit, like they did with Truly Me, and Beforever. I would be really sad, however, if they did do away with the GOTYs. That is my favorite doll line from AG.

So for this one, we do not know for sure. We’ll have to see how it plays out.

Rumor #2 – Boy Dolls.

American GIRL will have a boy 18″ doll for sale next year. Possibly named Logan, and possibly being the brother of the modern doll.

I don’t like this idea at all. American Girl is supposed to be for girls. I’m not trying to be rude, but that’s just the roots of the company. Actually acknowledging and fulfilling the audience’s request for a boy doll will bring in so many complaints and even more requests. If AG does this, they are not staying true to who they are.

Rumor #3 – Doll Customization

It is rumored that the “store of the future” aka the new AGP NY will have a station for customizing dolls.

Too many types of dolls. People could get really crazy. If this one turns out to be true, AG needs to have combination limits and guidelines. I would think this would be more for changing eyes and adding freckles for the Truly Me dolls. Hopefully that’s it. ;)

Rumor #4 – Tenney – the next doll in the works for after Melody.

Some people guess that if there is a GOTY next year (hopefully there is) she will be named Tenney Grant, will be biracial and be an updated version of Truly Me #46 (Jamie). If this is true, I most likely will not get Tenney because I already have #46.

Note: American Girl themselves have confirmed the process of updating TM #46 for next year. They told someone on their Facebook page.

Rumor #5 – Melody’s release date is on or after August 15.

August 15 is on a Monday, so I’m guessing the week of August 15 will be when she’s released.

Whew! That was a lot of rumors. What are your thoughts on these issues? Let me know in the comments. I love reading what you all think. :)

– American Girl Doll Artist


35 comments on “Recent Rumors… True or False?

  1. I will literally cry if they take away the GOTYs! They can’t do that! :O
    NO WAY, AG. NOT COOL. It’s more fun for people to customize boy dolls and other dolls at home!! AG doesn’t need a boy doll!

  2. I would be very disappointed and let down if American Girl actually did these things.

    I think they might be retiring the Goty line because of Lea. AG said she wasn’t selling as well as Grace, but hey, some dolls are more popular than others. I would give it another year and see if the sales pick up when the next Girl of the Year arrives. But I don’t think it would be a smart move- why retire one of your biggest doll lines that millions of girls love and cherish?

    As for the boy dolls, I think that’s going WAY too far. When this company was founded, it was made to inspire girls and help them to be their best. Now, the focus seems to be on more of a “money making industry”. :( If someone really wanted to do that, I think it would be best to just make a separate company of some sort like “American BOY”, instead of interfering with the original girl doll line.

    I’m hoping if the customization rumor is true, hopefully won’t get too crazy like you said. ;)

    It will be exciting to see if the next possible goty is AA. I know how so many people want there to be one, and it would just be awful if the retired the line before she was made. :(

    August? … That suddenly seems so far away. :( However, I am happy to know a possible date for Melody’s release. :)

    Thanks for sharing these rumors! I’ve seen a few on Instagram, but it’s nice to read them again more clearly. :)

    • I agree! Plesant Rowland started AG to give girls more appropriate dolls and to teach them a story about a girl their age, in a different time period. Now all they care about is money. That’s sad!

  3. Ok, I didn’t know about ANY of these rumors, but THEY CANNOT GET RID OF THE GOTYS! Thankfully it’s just a rumor. And I don’t like the idea of updating #46 I think she is beautiful the way she is. I guess I’ll have to buy her soon. Ok, the only good thing about the customizing is that I can finally have a 39 with hazel eyes. ( that’s my look a like.) and I don’t really know about the boy dolls, I mean, I kinda always wanted one, but I agree, they wouldn’t be keeping their name.

  4. That is SO sad!!!!!!! :( :( :( I hope that they won’t quite the GOTYs. I also sure hope that they will NOT make boy dolls! Then they might as well name the company “American Dolls”. But I sure hope that they won’t. It would be cool if they would take orders for custom dolls, “if you have none that look like you”! :P But I sure hope that none of these will happen. I know that they are only rumors, but some of them might happen. I’m worried for the future of American Girl!!!!! :( :(

  5. I haven’t heard almost any of these rumors! They’re really interesting, except for the getting rid of GOTY’s! I love going to the GOTY debuts, they’re some of the best times I’ve had! If they get rid of them, I’ll be so sad! I think with how much everyone loves the GOTY’s, if they got rid of them, it would be a really bad move for the AG company!
    I’m kind of excited if they want to make boy dolls, even though I totally see your point of view. I’m just interested to see what they would look like! I want more boy dolls! ;D

  6. All these rumors are making my head spin! Regardless, I think it’s cool that we are going to be a part of a time when American Girl is branching out, making brand-new things and experimenting with new concepts. It’s very exciting.

  7. I really hope most of these aren’t true! I love the GOTY, and I don’t really believe that they would get rid of them because they are such a big part of AG now! I really hope they don’t make any boy dolls. I agree with you, that would just be taking things way too far. As for the doll customization, it would be pretty cool, but I couldn’t see myself doing anything with it. Plus I definitely think there would have to be some sort of limits to that like you said.

  8. Wow, the rumors going around right now are definitely puzzling. I don’t know what to think of all these changes. I honestly want the AG that I loved – before BeForever, Truly Me, Wellie Wishers, etc. I’m very glad the historical characters are getting more attention, but there’s so many changes going on…it seems like AG has strayed from the original purpose – for dolls to have a friend. It seems now it’s all “buy, buy buy!” I loved the AG that focused on having a friend with lasting relationships and to be able to connect with the characters, as well as being the best girl you can be.

    I’ve never been a huge fan of the GOTYs. I’ve always thought they take away from the historical dolls. But I’m shocked that they would retire the GOTY dolls….it’s their biggest selling line! I certainly wouldn’t miss them, but I’m wondering how it would effect AG’s income…that seems to be what all the changes are about…making more and more money.

    Customization sounds very cool! I wonder how the doll hospital would work with it, though. And if the future dolls have zip ties instead of string, you wouldn’t be able to swap eyes.

    As for boy dolls, I agree with what AGDollArtist said. American GIRL is the name of the company. I’m wondering if they are considering making boy dolls because of the gender differences nowadays.

    Tenney definitely sounds interesting… heard that AG was going to make GOTY 2017 be a doll of color and that she was going to be the last one. Maybe Tenney could be her?

    I can’t wait for Melody! I love the historical characters and I’ve really wanted a doll of color, but I’m rather terrified of Addy’s hair. Melody would be perfect! :D

    Phew! That’s quite a lot of input I gave. ;) Some of the changes are cool, but most sadden me. It seems AG has strayed so far from its original purpose. The future of AG doesn’t seem as secure as I once thought it would be. It seems they are stretching a rubber band further and further, trying to get the most money and the most out of the company. Soon though, the rubber band will snap.

    ~Grace <3

    • Me again! :D I agree. AG used to be a fun company for girls who liked to be creative and have fun with their dolls. Now it’s just mostly about modern dolls. While I don’t have anything against them, girls can actually learn things from Beforever dolls and GOTYs, which was PART OF THE WHOLE POINT THE COMPANY WAS CREATED! Also, I REALLY hope AG has a diverse-looking doll for GOTY 2017. Hopefully AG has seen some doll blogs out there-almost every single one has said that AG needs to get some diverse dolls in their collection. :( I’m tired of the generic, unoriginal dolls as GOTYS! And they may sell well but people ARE getting tired of them. Lea was kind of a step forward, which might be why she flew off the shelves. I don’t want there to be a doll customization option. It’ll take away from the purpose of AG and the fun of making customs at home. Half of the dolls is how they look. Like Kit has a blonde bob and blue eyes: that’s what suits her! Why do people want to change that?
      Sad, AG, just sad. It’s especially upsetting for people (like me) who have been fans ever since they were little, and now they’re trying to be bigger and better, but they’ve turned into a company that’s just for the money. It hurts to say it, it really does, but it’s the truth.


  9. I wish the original books would come back. The history with pictures of how it was in a certain era were better than the new books.

  10. I disagree with your comment that AG is only for girls, since I am a boy who likes dolls, but I agree that having boy dolls wouldn’t be that good. I don’t really want boy dolls in the line!

  11. I completely agree with you! Especially with the boy dolls. It sounds like a good idea but your right. They wouldn’t be staying true to who they are. I also really don’t like the idea of American Girl making customs ):

  12. They can’t get rid of the GOTYs! They’re so fun! :( I actually kind of like the idea of a boy doll. I think it would make things a little more interesting, but that’s just my opinion.

  13. I will literally cry my eyes out if AG takes away the GOTY line! It is my favorite line from them! My mom has all of them from Lindsay to Mia and I have all of them from Lanie to Lea! They cannot do that!

    As far as boy dolls go, NO THANKS! It J’s more fun to customize them at home, yourself. If they do end up doing this, make him cute at least?

    I like the idea of the customization station at AGP NY for girls who don’t know how to do that sort of thing! Hopefully no one gets to crazy with it though…

    I am SO EXCITED for Melody’s realese! She is in my have to buy list! Hopefully their hen set comes out and the same time… Maybe I can babysit enough kids buy that too!

  14. American girl is making some huge changes, and I DO NOT APPROVE! No GOTYS? Boy dolls? Customs? Wellie wishers? I starting to not like AG as much. Keep the GOTYS and no wellie wishers, ok, that sounds good.
    ~Kayla (dollsof2008)

  15. They already had a boy doll – in the Bitty Twins, which just happens to be my daughters favorite doll. So I’m not too concerned about that rumor – she loves being a Mommy to her baby boy. But doing away with the GOTY would break our hearts cuz they are so fun.

  16. I really would hate to see them get rid of GOTY, as for the boy dolls I do see a lot of boys going into the store and looking around. maybe just like one and then with that customization shop they could have certain things but I still don’t like the Idea much, its supposed to be for girls not boys, thats why its called AMERICAN GIRL. clothing wise I could see them having maybe a few more boyish clothes I mean what girl hasn’t really worn boys clothes at one time or another.

  17. Ohh no!!! I do not want AG to get rid of the Goty’s! They are just so awesome and fun!
    Luckily it is just a rumor .I would almost cry if they get rid of the Girls Of The Year!! But I also sort of like the idea of boy dolls since I am not that good at customizing dolls but by the other hand Im a little mad at that idea !!

  18. Well, highly doubting they’d stop GOTYs, even though Lea is not doing well. Well- I love Lea- but her collection is a lil plain. Im hopiing they can neon-it-up like all the other GOTYs. But honestly, Lea’s a good doll, and they shouldn’t stop GOTYs.