The Guiding Compass – Part 4

That night when the rest of the dolls were asleep, Sarah and Grace were up late.


Grace was just finishing up a batch of croissant dough to refrigerate overnight and Sarah was just chilling out.


Grace silently watched the mixer blade turn around and around.  The batter was getting thicker as the flour was mixed in.

“Sarah?” She asked, as the blade stopped.


“Hm?” Sarah was snuggled up in her pajamas reading a book on the fold out chair. She looked up and saw Grace spooning the batter out of the bowl and onto a pan.


“Um, what did you think of Lea?” Grace asked. She scraped the sides of the bowl to get the last bits of batter.


“Well, she acted a little strange,” Sarah admitted, “But she’s nice, I guess. What would you think if you were her? I mean, Lea didn’t even know we’d be here!”

“Yes, but I’m confused why no one said anything to her,” said Grace.


“Well, she probably didn’t meet anyone before coming here,” Sarah suggested, taking a drink of her milk.


“I guess.” Grace sighed, “I guess I expected the party to go better. Instead Lea acted as if she didn’t even want to be there.”


“Look, I know you’re disappointed, but try to imagine how it is for Lea. She thought she was going to live by herself and now she has to share it with 6 other girls. She’s probably in shock. ” said Sarah.


“Oh, I never thought about that,” Grace said, considering. She picked up the pan of batter and left the room to put it in the fridge.

Sarah finished her milk, set her book aside, and climbed into bed.

*To be continued*

Stay tuned for Part 5 coming this Wednesday!

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35 comments on “The Guiding Compass – Part 4

  1. i really like how the sisters had a one-on-one moment to talk, share concerns, comfort and reassure one another. i like that it isn’t one-big-continuous-always-happy-always-fast-moving-and-having-fun-and-mystery-solving adventure…. i like they/you take time to talk and have moments to themselves and with another sister or something. anyways, keep up the GREAT work! hopefully this awesome story stays awesome and we convince you to let us read part 5 before Wednesday! XD!!!!

        • Just kidding, just kidding! I promise to post it on Wednesday. :)
          I saw on your sister’s Instagram a pic of you and her on your birthday. I LOVE your dress! In fact, I have been eyeing it for several weeks on the disney website. :)

          • Good! LOL! XD
            LOL! Oh yeah! I LOVE my dress so much! I’ve only worn it that once… I need to wear it pretty soon here ;)
            It’s pretty comfortable, too, and not too short either! I recommend it ;D

          • LOL! Well, I know it can feel awkward to wear something like that out and about, but it’s really made for whatever! I admit, I did feel a little awkward wearing it in the mall at first, but then I just kinda forgot about it and then I felt proud sporting my Star Wars fandom and love for Han. It was like honoring him in a way ;D
            But really, just do what’s comfortable for you. You can wear it whenever you want :) I just wouldn’t recommend wearing that to church, though XD

          • LOLOL! XD
            Yeah, definitely. That’s really partly what made me want the dress. Plus it just looks awesome :D
            Yeah, it’s totally understandable, but I’m sure that after a while you won’t even think about it and will probably forget you’re wearing it :) XD

  2. *huge sigh*
    I am homeschooled so I have worked ahead in my schoolwork for tomorrow because I have to pack for something…… But I will keep a look out!!!!!!!!! Thanking you!
    I mean thank you.