The Guiding Compass – Part 8

A few days later, Sarah was walking down the driveway to fetch the daily mail delivery right that afternoon.


Opening the mailbox door, she looked inside and saw a pile of catalogs and letters. With the mail in her arms, she went through the entire stack as she walked back up to the house.


There was a postcard from Grace’s cousin, a letter from Isabelle’s friend, a bill from American Girl, and the latest edition of Petite Pastries.


Sarah searched through the stack again, hoping an American Girl catalog would appear, but it didn’t. What she did see was a small, white envelope peeking out from inside one of the catalogs.


Sarah pulled it out. It was addressed to Lea. Hm, that’s strange, Sarah though. How could anyone know her address? She just got here!


She knew it wasn’t any of her business, but she couldn’t help wondering.


Lea was sitting at the desk in her room writing in her new journal when Sarah walked up from behind her.


“Here Lea, this letter came today for you,” said Sarah, setting the letter on the desk beside the notebook.

Lea jumped at the sound of her voice and slammed her journal shut. She had just been writing about her past and that was the last thing Lea wanted Sarah to see.


Lea looked up from her notebook and smiled at Sarah, trying to act normal. “Okay, thanks,” she said, picking up the envelope.

Sarah really wanted to see what was in the letter, but she just nodded and silently left the room.

Lea studied the envelope in her hand. It was addressed to her, alright, but there was no return address. Sliding her finger under the flap, Lea ripped open the envelope and pulled out a perfectly white sheet, but crumpled, sheet of paper.


She unfolded it and started to read the handwritten note. “Bring us the lightsaber. You will all suffer the consequences if you don’t.”       

It was another threat. This time, Lea knew it was not a prank. This was serious, and she needed to act fast. They sounded extremely dangerous.


Lea re-read the letter and had a horrifying thought. If she didn’t get the lightsaber to the person who wanted it, Lea would suffer, and her new sisters along with her. She didn’t know what to do. She didn’t know who the person was, why they wanted her lightsaber, or even where to meet them. She had to protect her new sisters, but she didn’t know how.


A tear slipped down her cheek and made a dark splotch on her dress. Feeling helpless and alone, Lea threw herself onto her bed and cried herself to sleep.


When she awoke an hour later, an idea was forming in her mind. Lea rubbed her eyes, still wet from tears and hurried over to her bag of clothing.


She pulled out her brown, flowing Jedi robe and set it on the desk chair. She had vowed to her teacher never to use it unless in time of great need, but Lea was pretty sure it applied this time.


Pulling out her most important belongings, Lea lined them up on the desk and began setting them one by one inside her messenger bag.


She was going to run away.

Stay tuned for Part 9!


19 comments on “The Guiding Compass – Part 8

  1. Ooh!!! Thanks for the next part! Are you ever going to tell us how Lea got to earth? Is your new doll the bad guy? Please give us part 9 on Wednesday! BTW, did you use a pattern for her robe or did you just wing it?

  2. Oh my gosh!!! I NEED MORE!!! This was such an awesome part, I can’t wait for the next one!:D I love her Jedi robe!:)