The Salon and Spa

One day, Sarah was doing a little shopping, when she noticed a new store that had opened up in town.


“Wow!” Sarah cried, “A salon! That’s just what this town needs.”


Sarah peeked in the window.


She saw hair spray, a styling chair, and a massage bench.

She reached for the door knob and went inside.


“Bethany! I didn’t know you were working here!” Sarah exclaimed, “I love your hair! What happened to it?”


Bethany frowned. “I’m not Bethany. Mom has changed my name to Heather.”

“Really?” Sarah asked in disbelief, “So, uh, hi, Heather.”


“Hello!” Heather said, starting over. “I’m Heather. Welcome to the Salon and Spa!”

“Hi,” Sarah said slowly. This is awkward…. she thought. “I like your hair.”


“Thank you. It’s the latest style. I can style your hair this way if you want.” Heather offered. “Here are all of the services we offer.” She moved out the way and motioned to the list of hair styles and massages.

Sarah scanned the list. “Okay, I’d like a haircut, and you can style my hair into the ‘latest style’.”

“Great!” Heather cheered. She led Sarah over to the stylist chair. “Just sit down, please.”


Sarah sat down and Heather tied the cape around her.

“So, would you like a trim?” Heather asked.

“Yes,” answered Sarah.

Heather began to brush Sarah’s hair.


This is nice, Sarah thought. She picked up a magazine and began to read.


Then Heather sprayed down Sarah’s hair.


Next, she cut it.


“Okay, now for the finishing touches!” Heather announced. She moved in front of Sarah.


“Ta-da!” She announced, moving out of the way.


“WOW!!” Sarah exclaimed. “I love it! Thank you Heather!”

“You’re welcome!” Heather said proudly.


As Heather put away the cape, Sarah looked at herself in the mirror one last time.


“That will be $20, please,” Heather said.

“$2 extra for the style?” Sarah asked, pulling out her credit card.

“Right,” Heather confirmed. She took the card and swiped it. Then she gave it back.



“Thank you again,” Sarah said on her way out.

“You’re welcome!” Heather called.


Who wants some fun bonus photos?

Our yard is dandelion heaven right now.


This is a wild baby bunny that our cats caught. We cared for it, and tried to release it , but our cats just brought it back again. It’s really cute and loves to eat clover. Catlover02 is attached to it and has given it a name: Clover.

I know bunnies have nothing to do with dolls but I just had to add it. 🙂

The Salon and Spa was from my grandma and I think she got it at Costco.

Do you have any AG box stores?

– American Girl Doll Artist

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  1. Awwww soooooo cute! Does AG sell a doll Salon or did you make it? Either way, the story is amazing!

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