Sewing: Another Pleated Skirt

I finished another pleated skirt! This time, I used corduroy. I think it looks pretty cute on Jessica. :)


Jessica totally agrees!


She is a beautiful model.


Here’s a close up of the skirt. I tried really hard to make the grain straight, and it paid off!


I was having a little trouble with the needle though. My mom had bought some extra for the machine, but I don’t think they go with it. So the needle would randomly snag the bobbin thread and cause a tangle. Plus it would make strange bumping sounds. And above, you can see that the needle missed a few stitches on the top stitch. So I got out a needle that came with the machine and exchanged it for the other one. It worked great! I sewed up the back seam, and it went seamlessly right through both sides of the elastic. I had trouble with that last time, but this time I didn’t. I have yet to try it out more, but I plan to be sewing with the right needle from now on. I hope the next skirt I make is good enough to sell in Peppermint Pursuits!

Thanks for reading! Have any of you been sewing recently?

— American Girl Doll Artist


14 comments on “Sewing: Another Pleated Skirt

  1. Wow! You did a great job with the skirt! I agree, it does look great on Jessica. :)

    I have done some basic sewing by hand but I haven’t really worked with a sewing machine

  2. That is really cute, I love the color! All I did was repair a pair of doll jeans recently, but I’ve been getting that “itch” to make a few things I’ve had on my mind. It doesn’t help that I’ve been so busy lately.