Review: True Blue Hairstyling Caddy

When Catlover02 and I received the True Blue Hairstyling Caddy from our grandparents this Christmas, I fell in love immediately.  :D I just love the furniture piece and all the accessories, so I just had to write a review! XD


The True Blue Hairstyling Caddy costs $50 from American Girl. The set comes with the salon caddy, bobby pins, claw hair clips, mini hair clips, hairbands, bow clips, hair elastics, a hair pick, curling iron, hair dryer, and a mini book of hair care tricks for your doll (not pictured).

Let’s start off with the caddy. :)


The plastic caddy is a vibrant blue color. It features 5 drawers, a towel bar, and an opening top with a mirror.


Though the set didn’t come with a towel, you can just use a small piece of cloth or use this bar as a handle in case your doll would like to push the caddy somewhere. :)


The mirror underneath the lid is very shiny and clear. :) The mirror bends the reflection just a tad bit, but it’s still very good quality. I think it’s adorably realistic. <3


Also under the lid is a frosted plastic slide out tray for the curling iron and hair dryer to lay when not in use. :) I think it’s pretty cute. I don’t think it comes all the way out, so that’s a plus. :D


Here’s the curling iron and hair dryer on the rack. :)


The space under the lid is very deep and actually could fit all the accessories in it together! :)


The drawers work great and slide back and forth with ease. I love the curved edges so they work seamlessly with the caddy’s edges. :) The little handles are super adorable. I’m not sure, but I don’t think these slide all the way out.


These drawers, however, do slide out. :) They are more like trays, and rest on little ridges inside the caddy so you can pull them out. I love the cute flower design.


The big cabinet is very deep and can hold lots of hair accessories! :) I also love the tiny feature of the tray on the side of the door. It’s just perfect for holding bobby pins so they don’t get lost! :D

Now, the accessories!


These blue and purple butterfly bow clips are super cute. :) They’re just like real clips, except they are a tad big on the doll.. XD The clip handles are little butterfly wings, which I think is pretty. :)


These claw clips are cute, but I’ve never used any clips like them so I’m not quite sure how to use them. :) They make great accessories in the caddy though! XD They come in pink and green.


The mini hair clips have little hearts on the side! :D These are great at keeping a doll’s hair out of her face. They open up fairly wide and hold a lot of hair. :) These come in pink, green, white, and purple.


Spring offered to model one for you!


The 8 bobby pins come in blue and white. AG’s bobby pins don’t work particularly well – you’d be better off using some human-sized ones. AG’s pins don’t hold hair well and stretch out after one use. These are adorable none-the-less and I love seeing them in the caddy!


I’m sure Catlover02 and I will get lots of use out of the 8 terry headbands! These can be used on almost any doll and work great over a ponytail, braids, you name it! :D I love how it came with pairs, in case you need two for ponytails or braids. :) After a few times of use, these get a little stretched out, but you can still keep using them.


You can never have too many elastics – that’s why AG included 25 in this set! In my opinion, that was pretty smart. Everyone uses these. XD AG’s elastics are fantastic. They almost never snap, and stretch to fit whatever they are around. :) The colors are so pretty as purple, white, dark blue, and neon pink. I’ve been trying to not use them because Catlover02 and I like seeing them in the caddy, but.. you know.. XD


The glittery hair pick is adorable – it’s made of dark pink plastic with sparkles. It’s not too original though, I already have two purple ones. However, I really like it and it’s a great accessory for this caddy. :)


The curling iron. *dies* It’s so ADORABLE!! <3 <3 It looks like the real thing and the handle works.. XD I just love it. It’s very well made and I can’t see it breaking anytime soon. :)


Here’s how the doll can hold it.


Dolls can also curl their hair with it! :D Note: it does not heat up. XD


Last but not least, is the hair dryer. This is also super adorable!! The shiny plastic looks like metal and it has a handle for dolls to hold it. It also makes noise. XD


The rubbery handle stretches a bit for a doll to hold it. :) It’s a bit hard for dolls to hold the hair dryer the correct way; it’s not on very securely.


This side is easier for dolls to hold, but as you can see it looks pretty unnatural. XD


Overall, the True Blue Hairstyling Caddy is an adorable piece that is well worth the money. I rate it 4.9 stars out of 5. There are almost no cons, and it’s a great furniture piece for any doll’s bathroom. :D Currently it’s one of my favorite pieces on our doll house and I love the splashes of color it adds. :)

What’s your favorite accessory in this set?

– American Girl Doll Artist

P.S. I haven’t been as actively lately because I’ve been doing quiet a bit of sewing! Modifying patterns takes quite a bit of time, patience, and trial and error. XD


14 comments on “Review: True Blue Hairstyling Caddy

  1. Love this! The curling iron is so cute. My dolls totally need one! I just wish there was more metal-there seems to be a lot if plastic. However, it is a fantabulous high quality piece and I hope you and your dolls enjoy it!!! 😊


  2. Aww, great review! I love the doll hair styling caddy too. I have the green one though. The blue one doesn’t come with a towel? That’s strange. The green one does. But again, great review! I loved reading it.

  3. Can I just say that your reviews are AMAZING? They’re so professional and informative, yet they don’t sound the least bit snobby! Your personality is so awesome! Your reviews are so enjoyable to read, and I actually laughed out loud at nearly every sentence with an “XD”! XD And ooh, good luck with all of your sewing projects! I haven’t taken out my sewing machine since… Uh, never. The last time I used it was when we lived in Texas. 0.0 LOL! Thank you so much again for this amazing review! The styling caddy was on my wishlist when it was green, and now that it’s blue I love it even more. XD Again, this is SO awesome!

  4. Great review! Thank you!
    I like the clips best! All three styles. I think the ones you find too big will work best on older dolls with the thicker hair for messy buns or twists.