The Science Project (Part 2)

The weekend seemed to last forever. Guilty feelings flooded her mind and she was actually eager to go the school on Monday. She thought about all the ways to say, “I’m sorry,” but it somehow didn’t seem right.

On Monday morning, she walked to school with Ava.


Morning classes seemed to take forever. At lunch hour, everything seemed to taste bitter and Ava was nowhere to be seen at recess. Erica was relieved when it was time for science class. She peeked into the room. Nobody.


“Hello? Is anybody here?” She asked.

She took a few more steps, looking around for everybody. Then she saw a note on Miss Beaker’s desk. She hurried over.


The note read:


Due to circumstances beyond my control, science class has been canceled for today. Keep working on your team project!

Miss Beaker

“Oh-no!”Erica said aloud, pulling on the ends of her hair. Now she couldn’t say she was sorry to Sal!


Just then, who should walk into the room but Sal Jackson himself.


“Um, I, uh, I wanted to say, that, I’m sorry.” She blurted out. Sal looked confused.

“What are you sorry about?” Sal said, “I just came in here to apologize to you!”

“Huh? I’m sorry for yelling at you about the school project. What in the world would you need to apologize to me about? I was wrong.” Erica said. Now she was really confused.


Sal sighed and sat down on the desk. “Well, I’m sorry for getting so mad and leaving the room. You see, I have a disorder, it makes me get mad too quickly. I can’t pay attention to anything very easily. I also have trouble remembering stuff.”

Erica nodded. Suddenly the pieces of the puzzle were fitting together.


After a second, Sal looked around. “Where’s Miss Beaker and the rest of the class? Shouldn’t they be here?”

Erica held up the note. Sal’s eyes got wide. “Aw, man! We were going to study atomic bombs today!” He slumped on the desk. Then he smiled. “Oh, well. That means school is out! Bye!” He grabbed his school book and started to leave.

“Wait! What about the school project?” Erica asked.

“We can work on it tomorrow.” He answered, his voice echoing down the empty hallway.


Erica hoped so. She wondered what circumstances would keep Miss Beaker from coming to school. Miss Beaker loved teaching science. As she walked home, Ava came up beside her.

“Hi!” Ava said.

“Hi! Where were you at recess?” Erica asked, “I couldn’t find you anywhere!”

“Sorry. I was cleaning the chalkboard for Mr. Stevens. It took forever!” Ava sighed.

“Oh, I know what you mean.” Erica replied. They both knew that Mr. Stevens, the math teacher, always liked to draw the math problems on the chalkboard, and he assigned a student to clean it each Monday.

After a long pause, Ava spoke up, “So did you -”

“Yes! I did! He actually said that he was sorry, for getting mad too quickly. Oh, and he wants to work on the project tomorrow!” Erica blurted out.


“Wow! That’s great!” Ava congratulated, “Well, this is my house, so I guess this is good-bye!” She went inside.

“Good-bye!” Erica waved.

When she got home, she went through her science book again, and her mind was full of ideas by the time she was finished.

That ends part 2, hope you liked it!

(There is going to be a part 3)



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  1. This one was great!! I loved it. Me and my mom sat down to read it and my mom liked it!! It taught me a good very good lesson :) I want to read Part 3 so bad!