Beanie Boo Invasion! Part 1

It was an early Saturday morning. Kanani was dressed and ready for a day of fun. All she had to do was braid her hair, and then she would be done! She struggled to finish her braid. Her hair was just not cooperating!


Finally, she finished it, and topped it off with a flower clip.


“Hey, cool bow!” Jamie said, walking up, “I want one too.”


“There’s some more in the other room,” Kanani told her.


Jamie picked out a mustache bow,” I love it,” she said, “Isn’t so trendy?”

Kanani laughed. Jamie was a bit silly at times. Then she said, “Why are you wearing some of Grace’s clothes?”

Jamie shrugged. “She won’t even notice.”

“But don’t you think you should ask first?” Kanani asked.

“I’m pretty sure she won’t mind,” Jamie declared.

Just then, there was a knock at the door.


“I’ll get it!” Jamie called. She unlocked the door and swung it open. Then she shrieked.

“What?” Kanani asked, “What is it?”

“IT’S A MONSTER!” Jamie yelled, panicking. She started running around the room.


” I’m sure it’s not ….” Kanani stopped short as she looked outside. “Ahhh! ” she screamed.

Outside was a crowd of funny looking animals with humongous eyeballs. They were all squeaking, and making strange noises. As soon as they saw that the door was open just a little bit, they all pushed and shoved their way inside, opening the door all the way and knocking Kanani down in the process.


“AAHHH! WATCH OUT FOR THE MONSTERS! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!”  Jamie panicking, almost knocking down Isabelle and Kaya.

“Oh my goodness.  What are those?” Isabelle asked, her voice trembling.


Kaya laughed and ran towards them with outstretched arms.

Isabelle just ran after Jamie, yelling too. They both ran all the way to La Patisserie, where Grace was.


“Grace,” Jamie panted, “You have to help us!”

“What’s going on?” Grace asked, “Why are you wearing my clothes?”


Jamie shook her head, “I’ll tell you later. There are a bazillion monsters in our house! You have to save us!”

“There are no such thing as monsters,” Grace said, “There must be some explanation! I’ll go check it out.”

“Thank you!” Isabelle said. She was huddling in the corner. Jamie went over to join her.


To be continued!

Stay tuned for Part 2!

– American Girl Doll Artist


11 comments on “Beanie Boo Invasion! Part 1

  1. Haha, this is so fun! I can’t wait to see what happens next.
    I have two mini Beanie Boos-an owl named Spells and an octopus named Olivia. I also have a regular one that is a little blue penguin. Her name is Ice Cube!


  2. OOOOOOHHH!!!!!! I love beanie boos!!!!! I have two: a fox called Slick and a tiger called Stripes. My sister/roommate/friend Skye has a husky called Slush (which used to be mine, but I gave him to her cos she loves huskies), and my bestie Em has a pink leopard (I think her name’s Glamour??) and a cat called Pepper, renamed to Mozart. I think. I don’t remember ;) I haven’t seen her in AGES cos she lives with a different human.

    Bye, Vi

    Note from J, the human:

    Vi and Skye’s Beanie Boos are the BB keyrings with the keyring part cut off. They’re great because they perfectly doll sized and you can get them quite cheaply. And of course, they’re absolutely adorable! :D
    I have some human sized ones too: Scraps the dog, Fetch the Dalmatian, Duke the dog and Speckles the leopard. I possibly have more but I forget! :D
    Anyway, I also wanted to say that I’m so glad I found your blog.
    You and catllover02 are really good bloggers. Vi thinks so too. :)

    J :)(:

    P.S: Sorry this comment turned out soooooo long, Violet and I sure like to babble! Particularly about Beanie Boos and excellent doll blogs!!!! XD

  3. This is going to be a fun story!! I LOVE beanie boos :) I love your imagination. The dolls the stuffed animals. Super cute!