Beanie Boo Invasion! Part 2

After leaving her two sisters at the bakery, Grace made her way to the dolls’ house. She heard lots of screaming. Grace peeked in through the door, and saw chaos.


One Beanie boo was chewing on a shoe.


Another Beanie Boo was lapping up spilled soda from the floor.


Two owl Beanie Boos were happily jumping on the bed together.


A different owl was jumping all over the place…


…. and several Beanie Boos were climbing all over Kaya. Kaya was just laughing her head off.


“STOP!” Grace screamed. Everyone stopped what they were doing.



The Beanie Boos ran over to Grace and crowded around her.


“What are these?” Grace asked Sarah. Then she said to the Beanie Boos, “Why are you here?”

The Beanie Boos just grunted and squealed.

“I have no idea what they are,” Sarah said to Grace, “I’ve never seen anything like them before.”

“Well, they should probably go outside.” Grace suggested, “Look at the mess they made.”


Grace opened the door and Sarah helped usher them all out.

When they were all outside, Grace slammed the door and leaned up against it. “Whew!” she said.


“What’s that noise?” Sarah asked.

All the dolls listened.

A strange crying noise coming from outside. Grace peeking through the door, and saw all the Beanie Boos in a huddle, crying.


Grace swung the door open all of the way and sat down next to the pile.


“There, there,” Grace said, patting a zebra on the top, “It’s okay.”


The zebra popped up with a smile on its face. Then it climbed into Grace lap, and Grace began to pet it.

“I know what those are,” Kaya said, “They’re called Beanie Boos. They are very rare.”


“Why didn’t you tell us before?” Sarah asked.

“You didn’t ask.” Kaya said, “They really aren’t harmful, just a little chaotic and crazy at times. Most people are scared of them because of their big eyes.”

“Well, they are pretty cute,” Sarah admitted. “I wish I knew what they were saying though.”

“I can; I know their language!” Kaya announced. She sat on the floor and all of the Beanie Boos rushed inside again. They fought each other to sit in Kaya’s lap.


One of the owls started squealing near Kaya’s ear. She bent over to listen.


“What is she saying?” Grace asked, curious.

“She said, ‘We have lost our home from a tornado and they don’t have a place to live.’ ” Kaya repeated.

“Oh-no, don’t you dare tell them that they can live with us!” Sarah demanded, “That would be, well, I don’t even want to think about it.”

“Don’t worry, I just told them to get on the daybed,” Kaya said, as the Beanie Boos climbed off her lap and onto the daybed.


“I wish I could have one as a pet,” Kaya said. “I like them.”

“Don’t get any ideas Kaya,” Grace said, laughing.

Kaya just hugged a Beanie Boo and smiled.


Meanwhile, Jamie and Isabelle were still in La Patisserie.

“You know what?” Isabelle said, “The animals weren’t that scary.”

“I knew that,” Jamie declared.

Isabelle rolled her eyes playfully. “Sure you did. Then why were you screaming?”

“Um, I, uh….” Jamie said. She couldn’t think of a good excuse, “Uh, we should probably go see the others,” Jamie said, changing the subject, “I’m sure Grace has the situation under control right now.” She started walking out the door, and Isabelle ran after her.




– American Girl Doll Artist


17 comments on “Beanie Boo Invasion! Part 2

  1. Cute photostory!:D I love Beanie Boos! I have a ton of them! I have a dragon, a cat, a fluffy brown dog, a fox, a big chihuahua, and a turkey! I may have another one, but I can’t remember! Oh, yeah! I have a poodle too!;)

  2. Are you too busy playing with your beanie boos to make a post? I am teasing with you.
    Have you seen the owl: Spells? IF it is the one i think it is it is really cute.