Bethany at the Beach

Hi, everyone. I, Bethany, am going to tell you all that happened this morning.

The sun was shining. Sweat was making its way down my forehead. All of my sisters and I were super hot. We used fans and lemonade. Those didn’t cool us off. Suddenly, an idea popped into my head. I could go to the beach!


I packed all of my accessories and headed off. When I got there, it was empty, and boy, did I feel cool! The sea breeze was so refreshing on a day like that. I loved the feel of the sand between my toes.



I sat down next to an old, falling apart beach hut and sat down. The sand was so soft and smooth. I brought along a few things to keep me interested, since I didn’t feel like swimming. I took of my flip-flops and opened up the latest edition of American Girl Magazine.


My favorite part was the smoothie recipes. They made my mouth water just looking at them and I became very thirsty.


Then I remembered…


I brought a drink of my own! It sure wasn’t a fresh fruit smoothie, but at least it was something to drink! Ahh! Refreshing!


Next, I thought sun-bathing might be nice. I know, I know. Dolls can’t get a tan, but it sure felt great!


Soon, Mom said it was time to go home. I didn’t want to, and I tried to scramble away, (Have any of you dolls ever noticed how hard it is to get up off your back?) but it didn’t work… Mom took one last photo of me before whisking me back home.


– Bethany and Catlover02

Bonus Information: The bag, drink, magazine and flip-flops are all part of the Store Exclusive Beach Accessories.

P.S. I am not really at a beach

P.P.S. It really wasn’t that hot out, Bethany was just exaggerating to make the story more interesting


4 comments on “Bethany at the Beach

  1. cute! gee, wish it was warm enough for beach time where i am. :-(
    or at leafs sunny. lucky bethany!!!!!!