Bethany’s New Camera

Hey guys! Bethany here, again. A few days ago, I bought a camera online and today, it came! My hands were trembling was I pulled it out of the box, if doll hands can tremble.


I was so excited I took pictures of everything in sight. Spring didn’t really want to be photographed, she was in her PJs.


See! She ruined the picture when she waved her arms around! I would love to be photographed in MY pajamas! If fact, I’d like to be photographed in anything. I need all the pictures I can get.

Here’s another picture. It’s Jessica. She wanted her fans to see how beautiful she was today. She was really disappointed when I didn’t take a picture of her whole outfit.


I tried to take a picture of Josefina, but she was too busy making lunch. I got a pretty good picture of her, but she’s not looking at the camera.


I have a lot of other pictures, but they were just things like the couch, refrigerator and other stuff like that.


-Bethany and Catlover02


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