Bonding Time with Kaya

Hello, it’s me, Isabelle. Today I had a great time with my sister, Kaya. Before today, I really didn’t know her very well. Now I feel like we are starting to be friends.

I was at my house/wardrobe applying makeup to my face. Sometimes I like to have a little fun with it.


Then Kaya just walked up.


“Hello Isabelle,” Kaya said shyly. She had a sheepish look on her face. “Did I interrupt you?”


“No, no,” I assured her, “It’s totally okay. Do you want to stay for a little bit?”

Kaya nodded. Even though Kaya doesn’t usually talk much, she sure did this morning. She talked about how she missed her dog Talto and her horse, Steps High. I didn’t even know she had pets!

After a while, I got an idea. “Kaya, do you want to see something cool?”

Kaya nodded, ready to see it.


I led her up into the attic. I had just finished decorating it. Looks pretty cool, don’t you think?

“Wow, ” Kaya breathed, looking around. “This is cool!”

We chatted for a little bit there too. She told me her favorite color is pink and she loves to wear tutus. We actually have a few things in common, surprisingly!

Soon we went back downstairs.


“Isabelle?” Kaya asked, “Can I look at your clothes?”

“Uh, sure,” I said, “Go right ahead.”


I went back to my make-up while Kaya looked around.


“I like this one,” Kaya said, pulling my sparkle dress out of the closet.

I laughed. Pink, and tutus, Kaya’s favorites. “It looks like something you would wear,” I said.

Kaya held it up to her chest and spun around, “Really?” she asked.

“Really,” I replied.


She started to look around at my other things. “Cool!” Kaya exclaimed, “Are these your books?”

“Yep,” I said.

I heard her mumbling something, then I heard a gasp. “A hair style book?” she asked, “I’ve always wanted to read one of these!”


We sat down to read. We sat there for a long time. Soon it was almost time for lunch, and Kaya had to leave.


Kaya held out her arms, expecting a hug, so I hugged her.

“Bye bye, big sister,” she said.

I stifled a giggle. She was MY big sister, but I played along.

“Bye-bye Little Sister,” I said.

I waved to Kaya as she left. I felt like I knew her a lot better, and I couldn’t wait to see what else I would discover.

– Isabelle :)

P.S. The “attic” is actually part of a bookshelf.



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