Christmas Morning – A Photostory

All the dolls were snug in their beds. Well, some of the dolls were in sleeping bags on the floor, but they were still snug. The sun was just coming up over the horizon, and light was peeking into the dolls’ bedroom.



Isabelle was the first one to stir. She decided to sleep for a few more moments, until she remembered what day it was! It was Christmas!


She lifted her head, and looked to see if any of her other sisters were awake.




Isabelle threw off her covers and stood up. As quiet as she could, she stepped over Kaya in her sleeping bag, as not to disturb her.


Isabelle gently began shaking Grace. “Grace…” Isabelle called, trying to wake her up.

“Please stop…” Grace said drowsily, trying to turn over.

“But it’s Christmas! How can you sleep at a time like this?” Isabelle protested.


“How can I sleep when you’re shaking me?” Grace asked, sitting up. “Okay, I’m awake.”

“Great!” said Isabelle, “Now, wake up the rest of our sisters. I’m going to go look at the presents under the tree! I can’t wait!”


Grace looked over at her sleeping sisters as Isabelle ran off.

“Guys!” Grace exclaimed, “It’s Christmas morning! Wake up!”


Jamie sat straight up. Grace almost screamed from shock.

“Jamie!” Grace said, trying to lower her blood pressure, “Are you trying to give me a heart attack? I totally thought you were asleep!”

“I was.” Jamie said, bluntly.

“Okay, well, can you try to wake up Sarah?” Grace asked.

Jamie grinned, “Sure, but she’s already waking up. She was like, on top of me, the entire night. You’ve got to do something about our bed problem.”

“Me?” Grace asked, but Jamie was already trying to wiggle out from underneath Sarah.


Sarah’s eyes opened, and she realized what she was laying on. “Oh, Jamie, I’m sorry.” Sarah said, scooting over.

“You were like that almost the entire night!” Jamie exclaimed.

“I know, I’m sorry!” Sarah said, rousing Kanani who was sleeping beside her.


“Okay, don’t anyone say anything about my hair.” Kanani warned, “I know it’s a mess.”

The other dolls tried to keep from laughing.


Isabelle burst into the room by the time all the dolls were awake. “Guys! There are a TON of presents under the tree! You have to come see!”

“Really?” Jamie said, “The biggest one is probably for me!”

All the dolls followed Isabelle over to the Christmas tree.


The dolls oooo-ed and ahh-ed over what they saw. Well, Kanani was still trying to see through her tangled hair.


There were lots of presents under the tree, along with a new desk with a bow on top!


“Who’s the desk for?” Jamie asked.

“It’s for me,” Sarah said, after reading the tag under the bow, “To: Sarah From: Great Grandma.”  “Look at it! It’s completely made of wood! What excellent quality. I can’t wait to use it for school when school starts again!” Sarah exclaimed, “And look! The chair even swivels!”


All the dolls found a spot to sit down.

“Okay, I will pass out the presents from youngest to smallest,” Isabelle announced.

“Aren’t we going to eat breakfast first?” Grace asked, “I made some mini muffins last night to eat this morning.”

“Um…” Isabelle paused, wanting to tell Grace that though muffins sounded good, she’d die if she had to wait through breakfast to open gifts.

Grace laughed. “I’m just kidding.”

“Whew!” Isabelle exclaimed. “Okay, the desk is obviously for Sarah, so Kaya’s next.”


Isabelle handed the bag to Kaya.


Kaya opened the bag and pulled out an object wrapped in tissue paper. “Who is this from?” Kaya asked.

“It’s from one of mom’s friends.” Isabelle said.


It was a new hat. “Oh!” Kaya said, “I like this. I like the pink.”


She put it on. “How do I look?” Kaya asked while crumpling the tissue paper into a ball.

“You look like a cute train engineer.” Kanani replied, smiling.

Kaya beamed.

“Jamie’s next!” Isabelle said, passing a package to Jamie.


“It’s the biggest package! I knew it was for me, because it’s the only pink one.” Jamie said, “This one is from our grandma.”

She tore off the wrapping paper.


“Yes! I knew it!” Jamie shrieked, “It’s a new outfit!”

The other dolls watched as Jamie opened the American Girl box.


“It’s the Warm Winter Outfit!” Jamie said, pulling the tissue paper out of the way.

“Hold it up so we can see!” Sarah said.

Jamie held up the brightly colored sweater for the others to see. “It’s so fashionable!” She exclaimed.


Jamie was still engrossed with her outfit when it was Kanani’s turn to open a present.

“This is from Grandma too,” Kanani said. She peeled off the wrapping paper and looked inside the box.


“Look Jamie!” Kanani said, “I got the Warm Winter Accessories!”

Jamie stared. “Oh…um…”

Kanani poked Jamie, “Of course you can borrow them to wear with your outfit!” Kanani assured her while trying on the hat.

“Oh, great!” Jamie said, relieved, “An outfit is not complete without accessories!”


“Your turn, Isabelle!” Kaya said, giving Isabelle her box.

Isabelle ripped off the wrapping paper and saw a black box inside.

“What is it?” Kanani asked.

“Is it a doll?” Grace asked, trying to get a better look.


“It’s a flute!” Isabelle exclaimed, holding it up, “I’ve always wanted to play the flute!”

“You have?” Sarah asked, “I never knew that!”

Isabelle carefully put the flute back into its case and closed the latch. “I can’t wait until I start taking lessons!”

“Me too!” Kanani said.

“Where’s Grace’s present?” Jamie asked.

Isabelle scratched her head. “Well it must be here somewhere…”

The dolls looked all around the tree and found nothing.


“Wait a minute, what’s that piece of paper on the tree?” Isabelle asked. She grabbed, scanned the piece of paper, and handed it to Grace.

“What does it say?” Jamie asked impatiently.


“It says: ‘Dear Grace, your present is in the garage. Merry Christmas!’ ” Grace read aloud. She turned the paper around so the other dolls could see it. “Strange!”

“Well, what are we waiting for?” Sarah asked, standing up and heading for the door, “Let’s go!”


The dolls followed her lead and went downstairs to the garage.


Grace opened the door to the garage and looked outside.

“Do you see anything?” Kanani asked.

“Not yet!” Grace called, venturing farther and farther out into the garage.


“What if it’s a car for all of us?” Kanani asked, “I’ve always wanted a car.”

“It’s probably a bed or something,” Sarah said, the practical one of the family.

Grace suddenly stopped. She had spotted her gift.


It was the pastry cart.


Grace went over to the cart and ran her hand over the countertop. Never in a millions years had she expected the pastry cart. She had always thought it was too expensive. But she got it for Christmas. Grace felt the urge to cry from happiness, but she didn’t. “Guys!” Grace called out, gesturing to the pastry cart beside her.


“Woah!” Isabelle exclaimed, “You got the pastry cart!” She took hold the handle and rolled it back and forth. “Look Grace! It actually moves!”

“I know,” Grace said, sighing with happiness. “It’s perfect.”

“Now you can sell all your pastries from the cart!” Kanani exclaimed, “I’m so happy for you!”

“Thank you!” said Grace, “But who wrote the note? Who did I get this from”

No one knew.

“Um, I don’t know about you guys, but I’m freezing cold. Can we PLEASE go inside?” Jamie complained, shivering in her pajamas.


Sarah laughed. “Okay, come on guys, let’s go have breakfast!” She led the dolls back inside, with Grace pushing the cart behind them.


Yes! I got the pastry cart for Christmas from my parents! I love playing with the pastry cart and so does Catlover02. I might do a post about my Christmas gifts soon, so stay tuned!

Also, it SNOWED last night! For like, the first time this winter! I took some photos of Jamie in her new outfit so I’ll post those soon as well. After I find out how to decrease the file size of the “raw” images, that is… They need to be 2 MB or smaller to upload to WordPress, and right now they’re 30.3 MB. : |

You know you’re a little obsessed with the new GOTY when you only know which day New Years in on because “That’s the day the next GOTY comes out!”

He he. :)

– American Girl Doll Artist


20 comments on “Christmas Morning – A Photostory

  1. Great story! I loved the part when Jamie sat straight up and scared Grace. That’s so cool that you got the pastry cart! I’m sure Grace will enjoy selling her baked goods from it. ;)
    I’m still waiting for snow. It usually doesn’t snow until January though where I live.
    I’m super, super excited for Lea to come out! I’ve been avoiding looking at any pictures of her or reading about her story until AG reveals it. The suspense is building! :)
    2 more days…

  2. It’s so exciting you got the pasty cart, I bet you (and Grace) will have lots of fun with it! :) I loved the photostory, and Jamie was hilarious! ;)

  3. Adorable story! I loved it. :) I liked it when Jamie scared Grace, and Kanani’s hair…. (She looks like me in the mornings!) :P I loved reading about the dolls opening their presents. Kaya looked so cute in her hat. ;)
    Congrats on getting the pastry cart! I received it, too! :D
    SNOW?! Congratulations on that too! It never snows where I live. :( I can’t wait to see the photos!
    My sisters and I are really excited about the new GOTY, too! I’m waking up at 5:00 so I can look at her collection. :)

    -American Girl Doll Crafter

  4. Congrats of getting the Pastry Cart! I got Grace and I really wanted it but I didn’t get it, so I’m going to do a DIY. Anyway, it looks like your dolls had an awesome Christmas! They’re all so sweet, and I love Grace’s hair in your pictures!