Sarah laughed as Tutu climbed on top of her. She tried to bat her away, but Tutu kept at it.


“Hey Sarah,” said Jamie.


“Hi,” Sarah replied, sitting up, “What’s up? Where’s Mom?”


“Where else? Playing with her Beanie Boos again.” Jamie pouted. “She never plays with us anymore.”


“Jamie, you know that isn’t true.” Sarah said.


“Yes it is,” Kaya said from the upper bed. It looked as if she had been crying.

“What’s wrong?” Jamie asked, “Are you sick of Beanie Boos too?”


Kaya shook her head, “No, it’s just that since this month the Beforever spotlight is on Kaya dolls, Mommy was going to do a photoshoot with me. She was going to fix my hair, and then she decided not too and left my hair like this. She just left me on the floor, picked up her beanie boo and ran away.”

“See Sarah! There’s your proof!” Jamie insisted. “Mom doesn’t like us anymore. I’m going to do something.”

“Like what?” Sarah asked.

“You’ll see!” Jamie said confidently.


She grabbed a marker, and a stack of paper and sat down to start her project.


When she was done, she held up her new poster and stared at it. It looked pretty good. Well, in her opinion.

Then Jamie taped it on her shirt.


“Uh, what’s that?” Spring asked.


“It’s a sign. I protesting against Beanie Boos. I’m sick of them. Mom thinks they are way cuter then us now.” Jamie blurted out.

“No!” Spring gasped, horrified.

“Yes!” Jamie replied.


“Well, then I need a sign too.” Spring announced, grabbing a marker and joining the protest.


“What in the world are you doing?” Kanani asked, “What are the signs for?”

“We’re protesting against Beanie Boos. Do you want a sign?” Jamie asked, “I can make you one if you like.”

Kanani smiled. “No thanks.”


“Jamie, Jamie, look at my sign! Does it look pretty?” Kaya asked.


Jamie tried to be encouraging. It had some misspelled words and sloppy handwriting. “Uh, good job Kaya!” she ended up saying.

Kaya grinned.


“You’re all silly,” Kanani said.

“Why do you think that?” Jamie asked, “I thought the sign idea was pretty good!”

“It is, but, it just doesn’t work that way.” Kanani said. ” You don’t just make a sign and then Mom will automatically play with you!”

“Huh?” Spring asked, “I’m confused.”

Kanani cleared her throat. “What I mean is, is that Mom still loves us, even when she’s not playing with us. She will come back, I know she will. She’s done this before. ”


“Whew!” Jamie breathed, “That’s a relief. Are you completely sure she will come back?”

“Positive.” Kanani said. “All we need to do now is to wait for this Beanie Boo craze to pass. Then she will play with us!”

“Good!” Kaya declared, “My hair still needs done!”

They all laughed.

The End.

Yes, it’s true that I haven’t been playing with my dolls lately. I haven’t changed their clothes in over 2 weeks. Why? Because I’ve been playing Beanie Boos! They are cute!

I do this thing ever once in a while when I play with some certain toy or do some certain craft , and stop playing with my dolls for a few weeks. I have always gone back to them, and I hope I will feel like doing more posts when I do. :)

– American Girl Doll Artist


9 comments on “Forgotten?

  1. Loved the photo story, Kaya’s so sweet. :)

    Don’t worry about not playing with your dolls, or changing their outfits. Mine were in their pjs for like 4 months once, but that doesn’t mean I don’t still love them! ;)

    Besides, the dolls need to learn how to share you with the “invaders”!

    • I get it. I’m on video games ssssoooo much, my Samantha doll feels left out. I only play dolls when I’m at my cousins house and I still don’t play much there.

      My cousin Vera has an A.G. club.