Going Geocaching

“I’m bored,” Kanani mumbled, shoving her novel aside. She had just read Meet Isabelle for the fourth time that day.


Purr! Tutu hopped up onto the bed next to Kanani. Tutu begged for a back rub. Kana laughed and sunk her hands into Tutu’s soft fur. Tutu began to purr loudly.


“You could go geocaching with me,” Isabelle suggested.


“Geocaching? What’s that?” Kanani asked, confused.

“It’s sort of like a treasure hunt. You go around looking for a geocache, which is a box with some treasures inside. You go on a hike to find it,” Isabelle explained, “Kaya’s found one once. She told me where to find it.”

“Cool! Can I come too?” Kanani asked.

“Sure,” Isabelle said, “But you might want to get some more appropriate clothes on.”


Kanani giggled and hopped up off the bed to change.

A few minutes later, she came back with a whole new look. “Is this all right?” Kanani asked, twirling.


“Perfect. Oh, Kaya let me borrow her belt and pouch when we hike.” Isabelle said.

“Let’s go!” Kanani exclaimed, ready for adventure.


Kanani and Isabelle snuck quietly past Bethany, who was sleeping, and into the hall.

“Uh, Kanani, Jade’s following us,” Isabelle said, looking behind her.


Jade was Spring’s chocolate lab puppy. Jade barked.

“I guess she can come,” Kanani admitted, “Just as long as she doesn’t run away.”


Kanani, Isabelle and Jade went outside and into the garage. Jade barked and ran over to a huge bowl of cat food.


“Oh no,” Kanani cried, “Jade, get away from that!”


Jade was eating cat food by the mouthful. Kanani grabbed her body and pulled. Hard.


Kanani fell down on her bottom and Jade was pried away from the food bowl. Kanani sheepishly stood up and brushed dog hair off her shirt.


“Okay,” Isabelle said, “This way.” She let the pack out of the garage and onto the driveway.

“Where to now?” Kanani asked.

“If you’ll be patient, I’ll tell you. Kaya said to go to the left and then go down the hill, ” Isabelle said. Then she added,”I think…”

“Do you even know the way?” Kanani asked.

“Sure, I have a piece of paper …..” Isabelle dug around in her pouch for the piece of paper with the directions on it. “Uh, I don’t have it, do you?”

“Kaya never told me anything about it,” Kanani said, “But there is no way I’m going to go back inside and get it.”

“That’s okay, I remember most the directions anyway,” Isabelle said.


Kanani led everyone down the hill. When they got to the bottom, they stopped.


“Now where do we go?” Kanani asked.

“Uh, right? I think?” Isabelle suggested.

“You think?” Kanani repeated, doubtful.

“Let’s just go…” Isabelle said, walking off.

“But….but…. but what if we get lost?” Kanani hollered. Isabelle was already too far away. Kanani sighed and ran to catch up.

Isabelle stopped abruptly. Kanani almost ran into her.


“Where are we?” Kanani asked, “What is this, some kind of cage or something?”


“I have no clue,” Isabelle answered, “Oh, wait! I do know what it is! It’s a garden!”

“Um, I knew that,” Kanani said, smiling.


Lettuce and other plants were just springing up from the ground.

Jade broke through the peaceful sound of birds chirping and started to bark and whine.


“What is it Jade?” Isabelle said.DSC_2943


“Look Isabelle! Jade found the geocache!” Kanani ran towards the red box lying on the ground with Isabelle at her heels. Kanani picked it up and sat on the sidewalk to open it.


“Quick, open it!” Isabelle said, irritated, “I want to see the treasures!”

“Maybe we’ll be rich!” Kanani wished. She pried off the lid and they all peered inside.

Inside was a beautiful necklace, a small magnifying glass, and a multicolored rubber ball.

“I get the necklace!” Kanani and Isabelle shouted at exactly the same time. They broke into peals of laughter.


“Well, we can both share it.” Kanani said after they settled down, “Here, you can have it first.”


“Thanks Kanani,” Isabelle said, pulling the necklace over her head.


Kanani decided to leave her button charm bracelet as a trade for any other doll who might come along. When they closed it all up, Jade helped hide it again by shoving plants on top of it.



“We had better go back home,” Isabelle said, “It’s almost lunchtime.”

” I can’t wait to tell everyone that I found a geocache today!” Kanani exclaimed.

“You found it? I did!” Isabelle replied, teasing.

They argued all the way up the hill. At the top, Jade let out an enormous “Woof!”

Isabelle giggled, ” I guess that’s Jade’s way of telling us that she found the geocache.” she said.

Kanani rubbed Jade’s head. “Come on, let’s go get lunch.”


– American Girl Doll Artist





13 comments on “Going Geocaching

  1. So cute! There’s something like that where I live – there’s a map and riddles. Then you find the box, where some random things are hidden inside. It’s really fun to do! :D

  2. Wow! You guys are so good at this. My Dad is a BIG geocacher, and I will sometimes go with him. I even have my own account and I am glad to see more interest in Geocaching. And you guys are awesome!!! You all have some real talent.