Grace’s First Day at La Patisserie

Bonjour! My name is Grace, and I love to bake. I am enjoying my new life. I was very excited to discover that there was a French bakery nearby! Today is my first day, and I am going to make macarons! They are a bit of a challenge to me. I think they are très difficile. I never know how they are going to turn out.


First, I put on my Paris apron.


It has little Eiffel towers on it.


Then I get out all of the supplies, like my mixing bowl and whisk.


Next I pull out all of the ingredients I need, such as almond flour and eggs.


I read the recipe and put in the egg whites, sugar and almond flour.


Then I mix it all up with the whisk. I have to be careful. The macarons can be ruined if I over stir them!


The batter looks good, so I put it into an icing bag, and squeeze out the batter into circles.


Then I put the pan in the oven for 15 minutes. While they are baking, would you like to see some of the treats at La Patisserie?

DSC_2236 - Copy

First, we have 2 tartelettes. A raspberry tarte, and a chocolate tarte.


Next up, 2 strawberry macarons. They look yummy, don’t you think? I wonder how mine will turn out.

DSC_2238 - Copy

Now we have a strawberry bar. This has several layers of yummy cake and frosting on top. A frosting heart, frosting lines, and a juicy strawberry are the finishing touches on this pastry.


Oh! I looks as if I have a customer!


“Um, hello?” the girl outside says. She looks about my age.

“Hi! Welcome to La Patisserie!” I say, “Would you like a menu?” I hold one out to her.


She takes it out of my hand and scans the back, the part with the list of pastries.

“I would like a strawberry macaron,” she says.


“Coming right up!” I say with a smile. I carefully put a macaron into a box. Then I hand it to her. “That will be $1, please.”

The girl takes the box and leaves a dollar bill on the counter. Yippee! My first sale!


“Thank you!” I call to her as she strolls away.


I am trying to save my money. This summer I am hoping to go to a cooking retreat. I hope there’s one around here. :)


Thank you for coming to La Patisserie! I hope you had fun today! Now I have to check on my macarons. I think they are almost done.

Au Revoir!

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Fun Fact: My really cute apron is from Etsy. You can buy one too, here.


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