Grace’s First Day at La Patisserie

Bonjour! My name is Grace, and I love to bake. I am enjoying my new life. I was very excited to discover that there was a French bakery nearby! Today is my first day, and I am going to make macarons! They are a bit of a challenge to me. I think they are très difficile. I never know how they are going to turn out.


First, I put on my Paris apron.


It has little Eiffel towers on it.


Then I get out all of the supplies, like my mixing bowl and whisk.


Next I pull out all of the ingredients I need, such as almond flour and eggs.


I read the recipe and put in the egg whites, sugar and almond flour.


Then I mix it all up with the whisk. I have to be careful. The macarons can be ruined if I over stir them!


The batter looks good, so I put it into an icing bag, and squeeze out the batter into circles.


Then I put the pan in the oven for 15 minutes. While they are baking, would you like to see some of the treats at La Patisserie?

DSC_2236 - Copy

First, we have 2 tartelettes. A raspberry tarte, and a chocolate tarte.


Next up, 2 strawberry macarons. They look yummy, don’t you think? I wonder how mine will turn out.

DSC_2238 - Copy

Now we have a strawberry bar. This has several layers of yummy cake and frosting on top. A frosting heart, frosting lines, and a juicy strawberry are the finishing touches on this pastry.


Oh! I looks as if I have a customer!


“Um, hello?” the girl outside says. She looks about my age.

“Hi! Welcome to La Patisserie!” I say, “Would you like a menu?” I hold one out to her.


She takes it out of my hand and scans the back, the part with the list of pastries.

“I would like a strawberry macaron,” she says.


“Coming right up!” I say with a smile. I carefully put a macaron into a box. Then I hand it to her. “That will be $1, please.”

The girl takes the box and leaves a dollar bill on the counter. Yippee! My first sale!


“Thank you!” I call to her as she strolls away.


I am trying to save my money. This summer I am hoping to go to a cooking retreat. I hope there’s one around here. 🙂


Thank you for coming to La Patisserie! I hope you had fun today! Now I have to check on my macarons. I think they are almost done.

Au Revoir!

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Fun Fact: My really cute apron is from Etsy. You can buy one too, here.

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  1. Really terrific! So neat how the apron has the Eiffel Tower on the shoulder. Love Grace’s dollar bill! I think I see where this story is headed this summer

  2. Really terrific! So neat how the apron has the Eiffel Tower on the shoulder. Love Grace’s dollar bill! I think I see where this story is headed this summer

  3. So cute!! Want Grace.

  4. Avatar Queen Lucy the Valient says


  5. Did you make the bakery?

  6. That last photo of Grace is lovely. She’s one of my favorite AG girls ever!

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