Hide and Seek

Tutu was on a very important mission. She was supposed to be finding a hiding spot, because she was playing Hide and Seek with her friends, Inkpot and Pepper.


“Woof, woof, woof…” Pepper barked. He was almost done counting.

Tutu thought fast. She always hid in a good hiding spot. Maybe this time she could hide somewhere easy, a place where her friends would never guess. She slid under the daybed.


Pepper was done counting and scurried around looking for his kitty friends.

He spotted Inkpot’s tail in the accessories basket.


“Aw man!” Inkpot whined, “You always find me first!”


“Sorry,” Pepper said, “You hide in easy spots. Come on, let’s go find Tutu.”

“I don’t know where she hid,” Inkpot said. “I guess we’ll just have to look.”

They looked in all of Tutu’s favorite hiding places. They couldn’t find her anywhere.

They even looked in the clothes drawer.


“Inkpot?” Pepper asked, “Where are you?”

“I’m right here!” Inkpot said, underneath a pile of dresses, pants and shirts.

“But I can’t see you.” Pepper replied, “Have you found Tutu yet?”

Inkpot popped up out of the pile. “No,” he said.” I don’t think she’s in here.”

They climbed out of the clothes drawer.


“Where could she be?” Pepper asked, “Do you think she went outside?”

“I doubt it,” Inkpot said, “She wouldn’t break the rules of hide and seek.”

“Guys?” Tutu said loudly from under the bed, “I’m right here!”


“Oh!” Inkpot exclaimed, “There you are!”

Pepper shook his head, “We forgot all about the Daybed.”

“You win!” Inkpot announced, “Do you want to play again?”

The End

And here is a bonus quiz!

– American Girl Doll Artist


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