Isabelle’s Last Dance Part 1

“Psst!” Jamie whispered to Sarah, “Hey! Sarah! Come over here!”

Sarah whipped her head around and stared at her sister. “What in the world?” she asked, “What are you doing?”


“You will never guess what I saw today. I found out that the new GOTY is Grace Thomas! She is a baker and she goes to Paris!” Jamie said, talking as fast as she could.



“What?” Sarah asked.

“We can’t let Isabelle know that she’s been replaced!” Jamie insisted.

“Um, okay,” Sarah agreed.

“Well, I also heard that AG is moving Isabelle to the archives!” Jamie added.

“So?” Sarah asked, and shrugged.

Jamie shook her head. “You don’t get it. AG is going to kidnap all of the Isabelle dolls! I heard they did that with Saige too!”

“Then what about Kanani? Why do we have her then?” Sarah questioned.

“I have no idea.” Jamie replied. “Maybe she escaped?”

Sarah rolled her eyes playfully.


“We’ve got to make a plan to hide Isabelle.” Jamie said, “Or at least keep her here.”

“Maybe we can hide Tutu.” Sarah suggested. “She won’t leave her kitten here.”

“I don’t know,” Jamie said slowly, “She would probably escape. I know! Lets hide her golden shoes! I’ll grab the shoes and you hide them.” Jamie ran off to fetch the shoes.

“Wait, what?” Sarah asked, but Jamie was already gone.


She grabbed the shoes….


…and handed them to Sarah.

“Hide them quick!” Jamie whispered.

“Wait, what?” Sarah repeated. She blinked in confusion before shoving the special shoes behind the Daybed.

Meanwhile, Jamie was off to go see Isabelle.


“Hey Isabelle,” Jamie said casually. She waved.

“Oh, hi Jamie,” Isabelle replied. “I need some help finding my golden shoes. Do you know where they are?”

“Nope,” Jamie said. She was telling the truth. Sarah had hidden them, not Jamie, so she didn’t know where they were.

“Oh well,” Isabelle sighed. “If I can’t find them I’ll probably just ask Mom to order another pair.”

“Um, well,” Jamie gulped, ” I guess, well, I think they’ll probably show up sooner or later.”

Just then, Spring burst in.


“Isabelle!” Spring gasped for breath as if she had run a long way, “I just saw Grace!”

“Who’s Grace?” Isabelle asked, curious.

“The new Girl of the Year! She is amazing!” Spring exclaimed.

Jamie did a face palm.


Isabelle asked, “Spring, will you show me a picture?”

Spring pulled it up on her tablet.


Isabelle stared at the photo for a minute. She was stunned. She knew it was coming, but she didn’t realize it would come so soon.  Then her eyes welled up with tears.

Jamie reached over to comfort her sister, but Isabelle pulled away.


“Just leave me alone.” she whispered, “Please.”

Jamie and Spring left the room.

Stay tuned for part 2!

– American Girl Doll Artist :)


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