Kanani at the Pool

Kanani was dressed in her swimsuit and to hide it, she wore her green sundress. On her shoulder hung her beach tote. She peered into the dolls’ house from behind the wardrobe door.


All the dolls were busy. Isabelle was looking at Grace’s new earrings, Josefina and Kaya were playing with the pets, and well, you get the idea.


Kanani made her move. She tried to act casual as she walked across the room.


She opened the door as quietly as she could, and snuck outside.


When outside, she exclaimed, “Ah, the pool! Not as good as Hawaii, of course, but it’ll have to do.”


She found a nice patch of sand with only a few small rocks, and decided it was a nice spot to set up.


There, she laid out her towel, took off her sundress and rubbed sunscreen all over herself.


Then she went to the pool. Surprisingly, it was very rectangular. “Hm,” said Kanani, ” I think I’ve seen this pool before, but I can’t imagine where….”


She took off her flip-flops…


…and carefully stepped into the water. “Brrr!” Kanani said, “It’s so cold!”


After a while, Kanani got used to the water and started to splash around.



She floated around on her raft for a little bit.



When Kanani was done, she wrapped herself up in her beach towel.


Then she did a little sunbathing….


Kanani made a sand pile after she was all dry.


Soon it would be dinnertime. Kanani had to leave. She packed up her bag and put on her dress. She sighed with happiness. “At least I can go to the pool. One pool is better than none!”  Kanani laughed, thinking about how many questions her sisters would ask her about her time at the beach.

The End

– American Girl Doll Artist



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9 comments on “Kanani at the Pool

  1. Awwwww cute story! Lanie went to a beach once…. Maybe she could go again with kanani! Love Kanani’s swimsuit!

  2. Neat adventure for Kanani. Great photos and story. I love how you were very careful not to get anything but her ankles wet. 🙂

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