New Mini House

A little while ago, I made a house for Mini Kaya and Mini Cecile, which they love. The house is made out of an American Girl Doll box. The bed inside is also from a doll clothing box with felt taped to it. The kitchen is 2 wooden blocks with food from other mini play sets. Here a little mini story to go with it.


Cecile Mini was sitting on her bed, drinking water and waiting for dinner.

“Kaya, I’m starving! Toast doesn’t take that long to toast!” Cecile shouted into the kitchen. Cecile heard grunting.


“I’m almost finished. Um… I don’t really know how to handle a toaster, it keeps burning up.” Kaya said. After much trial and error, Kaya finally made two decent pieces of toast for them.


“Here you go, Cecile! Toast and fruit! Well, cabbage isn’t fruit, but it’s still yummy.” Kaya said, setting a plate on the bed. Cecile leaped over to see.

“Oh, Oh! I want the fruit! Please, please!!!” Cecile asked. Kaya handed her the piece of fruit. She didn’t really like sweet food. Cecile ate it before Kaya even reached down to get her cabbage.

“I think I need some more water, my lips feel puckery.” Cecile said, rushing to the kitchen.

“Well, that’s what happens when you eat the whole lemon. At least you took off the peel first.” Kaya giggled as Cecile took gulp after gulp of water.


Kaya helped herself to some hot toast. Cecile came over as Kaya made strange faces.

“Do you even like toast, Kaya?” Cecile asked. Kaya shook her head and tried to urge the toast down her throat.

Cecile laughed, “I like toast! It’s yummy!” She bit into her piece of bread. “Kaya what did you put on this?” She asked, after a second.

Kaya burst into tears. “I put on too much of the white stuff.” Cecile raced to the kitchen and came back carrying a can of salt. Kaya’s eyes widened.

“Hey! That’s the white stuff I put on the toast! No wonder it tasted so bad!” Then her face fell. “I’m just not good at making toast.”


“All you did was make one mistake, but still are a good cook.” Cecile said.

“I guess. Oh, well. I could make us some salmon!” Kaya said.

“Uh, I don’t really like -” Cecile stammered, but Kaya tugged on her arm and pulled her into the kitchen. After a short meal of salmon, Cecile and Kaya Mini both went to bed.



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