Stuffed Up

It was morning in the doll household. Some were still sleeping.




Some were waking up for breakfast. Sarah and Josefina were first to the table.

“I get the watermelon!” Josefina claimed.


“I get the muffin and bacon!” Sarah said. They started eating just as Spring came up from behind with Crystal. Crystal looked as if she’d had a rough night.




“Hi, guys? What’s for breakfast?” She asked, gazing at all the delicious food.

“Anything!” Josefina and Sarah said at the same time. They both giggled. Crystal tried to leap up onto Spring’s shoulder for a bite of food, but there was no more room.


“Meow!” She cried. Spring smiled.

“You have your own kitty food, remember?” She said, as Crystal stomped off to Bethany’s bedroom. She did everything she could to wake Bethany.


She tickled her. She meowed loudly. She bounced on her tummy. Lastly, she tried to push her off the bed, which did the trick. Bethany began waking up, so Crystal hopped onto Bethany’s head.


Bethany looked around groggily and finally stood up. Crystal fell to the floor with a yelp. Bethany wiped her mouth, and discovered she had been drooling in bed.

Jessica popped up at the table next. “Do I get to choose what I eat?” She asked.

Sarah nodded.

“Ok, I’ll pick the croissant. Perfect for my delicate stomach.” Jessica replied.


She munched away, and Josefina rolled her eyes at the other two dolls playfully. Soon, all of the girls had eaten breakfast, except Grace and Jamie, and were talking about what they were going to do today.


“Uh, have any of you seen Grace or Jamie?” Spring asked, “I’m starting to get worried. They are usually up by now.”

“I’m sure they’re fine,” Isabelle said, who was stretching on the floor. “What to watch me do a cartwheel?”


Grace had just woken up. She felt awful as she trudged to the table. Josefina was still there. Grace looked at the cold bacon and eggs. “You know, I’m not very hungry. I’m going back to bed.” She mumbled in a hoarse voice, and began heading back to the bedroom.


She located a tissue box and got back in bed. She blew her nose until she went back to sleep.


When she woke back up. Spring had come into the bedroom carrying a tray. “Here.” She said, setting the tray onto the bed. “I heard you weren’t feeling well, so I brought you breakfast in bed.”



“Thanks.” Grace said. (Which sounded more like ‘inks’ than ‘thanks’)

“Um, just so you know.” Spring said, pointing to large pile of balled-up tissues on the floor. “Those tissues…




“…can go in the trashcan.” As she was still talking, she looked over at the overflowing trashcan and decided not the say anything else about the tissues on the floor.


Grace didn’t feel like saying anything else, so Spring left.

Grace looked at the tray. She was enormously hungry. Before she knew it, she had eaten everything on it. (Well, almost everything) :) She felt so tired and nose was so stuffed up that she went back to sleep.

She slept,


and slept,


and slept,


and slept.


She woke up at 5:00 in the afternoon. She looked around the room. It was a huge mess. There were tissues everywhere. Since she was feeling better, she decided to tidy up herself. Her hair had gotten very wild from being in bed for so long. She brushed it out until it was smooth.




Next, she picked up all of her yucky tissues and put them in the emptied trashcan. (‘Spring must have emptied it,’ she thought)


Then she made her bed. The room was now clean, and she could hear all of her sisters and friends out in the dining room eating. She went out and saw Bethany and Isabelle at the table, eating some of the Patisserie treats.


“Um, hi.” Grace said.

“Are you feeling better?” Isabelle asked, scooting away, as not to catch an illness.


Grace laughed, but her voice was still a little froggy-souding. “Oh, yes! I feel lots better.” Isabelle didn’t look convinced.

She looked her over. “Are you – completely better?” She asked.

“Well…” Grace paused. “No, I’ll still need a few tissues here and there, but the worst is over.” She put box of tissues onto the table.

“Great!” Isabelle grinned, handing her a chocolate pastry.


Grace cringed. “Uh, I’d better hold off on the sweets. I don’t think they would help me get any better.”

“Oh, right.” Isabelle said, quickly, shoving the plate away.

Spring walked over. “I see you cleaned up a bit.”

Grace nodded.

“Well, I’m glad you’re feeling better. We were going to do something fun tomorrow, and I didn’t want you to miss out.” Spring said.


“Really? That’s great! What is it?” Grace asked excitedly.

“Um, it’s a surprise.” Spring smiled.

Grace groaned, and they all started laughing.


P.S. The dolls hair looks messy because they just got out of bed, not because we are mistreating our dolls. American Girl Doll Artist and I messed up their hair enough that it would look messy, but not ruin their hair.

Bonus Feature:

“Um, guys? Have any of you seen Jamie?” Sarah asked everyone.

“I think she’s still sleeping.” Jessica said.

Sarah sighed. “She’s probably sick, like Grace.” She went into another bedroom to check on Jamie. Jamie was still sleeping

“Oh-no! The bed is cursed! It has put Jamie into an everlasting sleep!” Jessica cried dramatically.

“Jessica, it’s not cursed. You slept in it last night, remember?” Sarah shook Jamie awake, “Jamie?”


Jamie woke with a start. “Huh? Are you asking to use my curler again? Because is you are, the answer is-

“Whew!” Sarah interrupted with relief. “You’re not sick.”


“What do you mean, ‘You’re not sick.’? Of course, I’m not sick! Why in the world would I be sick! I would die before I…….” Jamie’s voice trailed off as she went to the kitchen for dinner.

Sarah made a face. “She was probably up to late watching  Freddy Flint’s Fashion Tips on TV.”

Jessica sighed with relief.

Suddenly, Jamie exclaimed, “I will NOT eat a hotdog for breakfast!”


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