The Guiding Compass – Part 12

The rocks crunched underneath her feet as Lea trudged down the gravel road.


She had been walking for 7 hours, and she had only gone a little over 2 miles. Sweat was dripped down her back.


Though it was a spring day, it was cloudy and humid, and her Jedi cape wasn’t helping.


Throwing back her hood, Lea shook her head, letting the cooler air flow around her neck. It made her feel better, but her stomach was still growling in need of food. She had reluctantly finished off already an entire granola bar, and she only had 4 more, but Lea knew she had to eat or she would be too weak to go anywhere.


She scanned the landscape, and spotting the nearest tree in front of her, set off towards it.


She set her messenger bag on the ground, took off her cape, and settled herself up against the tree. Lea opened it up and pulled out a bottle of water. Taking several long sips, it dawned on her that she had only packed a few bottles. She immediately stopped and screwed the lid back on.


Lea reached into her bag again and pulled out one of her granola bars. She tore open the wrapper and took a bite, hoping it would stop her pangs of hunger. Lea still had a long way to go.


But where she was going and when she would arrive, she didn’t know. When Lea had reached the end of the driveway last night, a strong feeling inside her told her to go left. She didn’t know why, but she did.
Lea finished half of the granola bar and then stuffed it back inside her messenger bag before swinging it back over her head and onto her shoulder. She still felt tired and hungry, but she wanted to keep going. The sun had begun to peek out from the clouds as she ate, and now the landscape was full of sunny rays. Lea silently gave thanks for her dark skin. Hopefully she wouldn’t have a sunburn tomorrow.


Then she pulled the cape back on, but leaving the hood down.


Lea set off down the road again, keeping her head down and watching the gravel crunch with each step.
The sun was starting to drop. Lea watched rock after rock go by and disappear underneath her feet and Jedi robe. She was exhausted due to lack to sleep, but she pressed on, concentrating on putting one foot in front of the other.


Suddenly she stepped down onto grass, and looked up. The road was a dead end. How long have I been walking? She wondered, How many turns did I take? She looked up and saw the sun near to setting. She gasped, realizing what time it was. The air was already beginning to get chilly. She needed to find a place to sleep for the night soon. Thankfully the road was a dead-end with trees right off it. That will have to do, she thought, getting ready to put her few survival skills to the test. Lea spotted a clearing in the tress.


It would have to do. She rolled up the sleeves of her robe.


Let’s get to work.

*Stay tuned for Part 13*

Oh, today I made a Guiding Compass Poster!


Bonus pictures:





41 comments on “The Guiding Compass – Part 12

  1. OMG this is so good! I love the guiding compass so much! I can never stop thinking about it! The poster looks amazing and your pictures are flawless. I cant wait for part 13! :D

  2. SHE LOOKS SO AMAZING!!! :O I LOVE the poster, by the way! I saved it to my computer and will probably hang it up in my dollhouse sometime :D

  3. Oh my gosh, these pictures are amazing!:D I can’t wait for the next part! The poster is so cute! I don’t have a dollhouse, but I’m gonna try to find something to do with it!:)

  4. this is great! I was wondering, how do you keep you doll’s eyes closed when you take a picture and she’s standing up? I’ve always wondered. Doing an awesome job!!! Also, do your little siblings help you in your stories? I assume that Catlover02 helps,but can you ever convince any one else to help? (I usually have problems, that or they wont leave! :) good job!!!!

    • Thank you! I tuck the eyelashes into the eyesocket. I know, it sounds a little strange, but it works! :) Sometimes I ask Catlover02 for plot ideas and she has some great ideas. But I don’t ask my other siblings. They aren’t too interested. Samanthalover just wants me to post so she can read it. :)

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