Trying New Things

Hello! Today, I, the magnificent and famous Grace Thomas will show you an all new recipe, straight from the Patisserie. Well, I’m not really famous, that is, if you don’t count the photos of me all over American Girl.


Anyway, today, I am going to show you all a new recipe that my Mom just got me.  Can you guess? Cream puffs!  First, I had to get out all the supplies. The bowl and whisk were just few.


The ingredients for the cream-puffs, there were not just a few, there were lots. Mostly the common ones, flour, honey, sugar and eggs.

I put in a bit of this,


And  a bit of that,


Soon the dough was perfect. I shaped it into little ovals and put it in the oven for 20 minutes. (Sorry, blurry photo)


I waited, and waited, and waited. It was getting boring. Finally… Ding-ding! Hooray!


I took them out and let them cool before I could frost them. Boy, did those cream-puffs rise! I cut them in half and filled them with butter-cream. Yum!

Bonbon had to wait outside. Doesn’t she look so pitiful? Aw…



Ta-da!! What do you think? I think, yum!





I hope you had fun watching me make cream-puffs.

– Catlover02 and Grace

( I made the cream-puffs out of clay and chalk. :P)


6 comments on “Trying New Things

  1. Cute! How did you get your Grace’s eyes to close? I’ve tried to get my dolls eyes to close for a photo shoot but it won’t really work…