What Mom Bought (Part 2)

Everyone thinks I’m a celebrity.

I’m just a 9-year-old girl. I have brown hair, blue eyes, and freckles. I love to bake.  I’m actually pretty normal.


Being famous was fun for a while, but then I wanted to go back to my old life. That’s how I feel like right now, but I’m about to begin a new chapter of my life. My old life was scary.  I rode in a few trucks, and arrived somewhere cold. I was picked up and loaded into the back of a mall, and tucked in a warehouse. Finally after a few weeks of waiting, an AG employee grabbed a stack of us Grace dolls, and put us on a rack. We were all lined up, waiting for our mommy’s to come and buy us. I’ve heard stories of dolls going with their mommy’s, and they get abused, tossed around, and stuff like that. I sure hoped that wouldn’t happen to me. As the dolls in front of my were picked up and purchased, I started to get scared. Would my mommy be nice? Would she take care of me, or abuse me? I tried hard not to cry. I was terrified.


When a girl who looked like me, and was dressed like me, came up to my box, my hopes sky-rocketed. She was carrying a very nice camera. Why would a destructive girl be given an expensive camera? I started to get excited. Pick me! Pick me! I thought. My heart sunk to my toes, when she picked the doll next to me. For some reason, she took off the lid. She started touching the Grace’s hair.  Surprisingly,  the girl frowned, and put the lid back on. Then she put the doll back on the shelf. She started checking out the other dolls in that row, and the next. Then she picked up my box. I gasped quietly. Would I be good enough for her? The girl opened my box lid. She looked at my hair, and checked my limbs.


” She has good hair, and strong arms,” she said to her mom, “I want to get this one!” She looked into my eyes and smiled. My heart leapt. I was going to have a home! I got my ears pierced by a nice man named Larry (true story) and I went home with my mommy. I loved her before I even got out of the box. She put me in the back of the car, and we went home together. It was a little bumpy, but I didn’t mind. When I got home, my mommy opened me up. She looked at my face and smiled again. I was already smiling, but I smiled just for her. She opened my charm bracelet and put it on me. Then she gave me a hug. It was the most wonderful feeling in the world.

Being picked over all of the other dozens of Grace dolls is an awesome feeling. It makes me really special.

So, today is the day that I’m supposed to meet my sisters. I have my rolling suitcase with me. It has some of my new clothes and stuff in it.


I walk up some steps to a huge, black door.


I knock on the door. No one answers, so I knock again, louder this time.


The door begins to open with a loud creaking sound.

Stay tuned for Part 3!

– American Girl Doll Artist


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