What Mom Bought (Part 3)

The door began to open with a loud creaking sound. I looked at my hands and realized I was shaking.


A girl who looked Hawaiian opened the door. She looks nice, I thought, noticing her wide smile.


“Um, hi!” I said. My voice sounded shaky. “I think I’m your new sister, Grace.”

The girl squealed. “Oh, hooray, you’re finally here!” she said, apparently excited, “I’m Kanani, by the way. I already know your name though.”

“Okay, hi, Kanani,” I replied. Kanani motioned for me to come inside the house, and I hauled my luggage behind me.


“It’s so nice to finally meet you!” Kanani said, putting her arm around me. “Just wait until the other girls see who it is!”

Suddenly, a blonde-haired girl burst into the room. “Who is it? Who was at the door? Was it -” She stopped short, as soon as she noticed me. “Woah. Kanani, is this the Grace Thomas?” she asked.

“Yes, Isabelle, it is,” Kanani replied.

I took it that the blonde-haired girl was named Isabelle. The named sounded familiar. Isabelle looked at me and laughed. “What?” I asked, wondering what was so funny.

” Just you,” she replied, ” You had a puzzled look on your face.”

I smiled. “I just thought that your name sounded familiar.


Isabelle laughed again. “It should,” she said, “Because I was last year’s Girl of the Year.”

I was shocked.

Kanani and Isabelle both started giggling. “I’m a Girl of the Year too.” Kanani admitted.

I smiled, and Isabelle came over to me. “Can I give you a ‘welcome home’ hug?”

“Sure!” I said, opening my arms, “I love hugs.”


After we broke away, Kanani started off in a different direction. Isabelle followed her, and said, “Come on! Let’s go see the rest of the girls!”

I pulled my luggage bag and followed them. I was so thankful that I was being welcomed and that they were being so nice. I couldn’t wait to meet the others.

They led me up a flight of stairs, and to their house. Kanani helped open the door and I was met by and African-American girl with super curly hair.


“Who’s this, Isabelle?” The dark-skinned girl asked.

“It’s Grace Thomas!” Isabelle replied, “She’s our new sister!” Then she turned to me, “Grace, this is Jamie.”

“Hi,” I said. We shook hands.


Jamie turned to another girl who was playing on a bed nearby. “So this is what Mom bought, huh, Sarah?” she asked.

Sarah just giggled and nodded. I wondered what they were talking about.


“Okay, it’s really nice to meet you Grace,” Jamie said, “Welcome to the family!”

“Thank you,” I said gratefully.

“Come on, this way,” Jamie said, “Follow me. I’ll show you where you’ll be staying.”


“But I thought I was living with you,” I said, confused.

“You are, but the room is so small so Mom has to spilt us up. Don’t worry, you can still come over to our side, it’s just a few steps away!” Jamie told me.

“Okay, good,” I said.


“Okay, here is your wardrobe!” Jamie announced.

The wardrobe was empty besides a few shirts and shoes that oddly enough looked like something I would wear.

“You’ll be sharing it with another doll,” Jamie said, “I’ll leave so you can unpack and stuff.”

“Thank you!” I called, as she walked away.


I opened up my suitcase and started to put away my clothes.

When I was done, I sat on the stool to think. I was sure happy with my sisters. I was thankful that they were so welcoming and nice. I sighed. I couldn’t wait to meet the doll who would share the wardrobe with me. I also couldn’t wait to see what adventures I would have with my new life.



Being in a family sure is fun, I thought, closing my eyes.


I know many of you are confused about who got Grace, but when we went to the AG store recently, I bought Grace. I had wanted her ever since she came out. I had said to my sister, “Okay, I will only buy the Grace if she looks like me,” and what do you know? She looks almost exactly like me! Anyway, there are 2 Grace dolls now. One is mine, (the Grace in the photo-story) and one is Catlover02’s (the one in the Science Project series.) We can tell who is who’s by their lips. My Grace has shinier lips. We also know who is who’s because of, well, where we put our dolls, and what we do with them and stuff like that. So far, they haven’t gotten mixed up! :)

Grace will have some photos in the bakery soon. I have added some things to the bakery, like a floor, and a roof. I also redid the display counter.

My Grace is a great model. I love her blue eyes, and her freckles. They are so pretty!! She is a gorgeous doll. :)

– American Girl Doll Artist


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