Lea Clark Book Cover Found!

I found Lea’s first book in one of Scholastic Book’s Booklists. It’s a little blurry, but you can see her camera is a blue color with a yellow strap and she might be wearing a bracelet and/or headband. I’m pretty sure her camera will be available to buy. What do you think about Lea’s first book cover? -Catlover02  

Review: Hot Lunch Set

I took the photos for this post a looong time ago. And today I needed to make a post so I decided to use them. My sister, Samanthalover bought the Hot Lunch Set and she allowed me to write of a review, even though I don’t own it. 🙂 Kanani will be helping out today. 🙂 Here is the complete set. Well, minus the tissue paper napkin that isn’t very good quality… Another angle. I love how easy piece goes {Read More}

November 2015 Clay Doll Food Sneak Peek

Here is a sneak peek of one of my latest clay creations. Hopefully you like it what you see! Don’t they look delicious? I have many other items I’m planning to release soon. 🙂 Do you have suggestions on what I should create next? Take this survey! -Catlover02

The Science Project (Part 2)

The weekend seemed to last forever. Guilty feelings flooded her mind and she was actually eager to go the school on Monday. She thought about all the ways to say, “I’m sorry,” but it somehow didn’t seem right. On Monday morning, she walked to school with Ava. Morning classes seemed to take forever. At lunch hour, everything seemed to taste bitter and Ava was nowhere to be seen at recess. Erica was relieved when it was time for science class. She {Read More}

My AG New Items (January 2015)

Happy New Year! How many of you waited until midnight when Grace Thomas arrived? I did, and so did Catlover02. We watched the countdown on the American Girl website. Then we explored their website, looking at the new My AG items and Grace’s collection. Catlover02 will review the Grace items later, because she likes Grace more than I do. Meanwhile, I will take a look at the My AG items. Cute! I like these pajamas. They would look good on Jamie. {Read More}