Grace Thomas’s First Photoshoot!

Please welcome…… (drumroll please) GRACE THOMAS! She arrived this morning. Grace is a very cute doll; really cute. 😉 Grace has beautiful blue eyes. They are just blue, no different colors in them. Her freckles are light, but her lips are darker than most dolls. Catlover02 said that her eyebrows were also bushier than her other dolls. Her shirt says, “Paris Je T’aime,” which means, “Paris, I love you.” I think that is strange saying, but the shirt is cute. {Read More}

Grace’s Collection: My Opinion by Catlover02

Grace’s collection is a very fun collection, but a lot of it is really expensive. Her collection has many good and bad things about it. Grace, the doll herself is very beautiful. I’ve heard many people say she looks to much like Chrissa, but she actually has many unique features that make her different from any other doll. Her side bangs are an exclusive look that no other doll has had. Lanie, Girl of the Year 2010, had side bangs, {Read More}

Isabelle’s Last Dance Part 1

“Psst!” Jamie whispered to Sarah, “Hey! Sarah! Come over here!” Sarah whipped her head around and stared at her sister. “What in the world?” she asked, “What are you doing?” “You will never guess what I saw today. I found out that the new GOTY is Grace Thomas! She is a baker and she goes to Paris!” Jamie said, talking as fast as she could.   “What?” Sarah asked. “We can’t let Isabelle know that she’s been replaced!” Jamie insisted. {Read More}