In the Kitchen with Grace – A Photoshoot

Enjoy the photos of Grace hard at work in the Patisserie!  Uh oh! Busted! Time for a snack! Grace thanks you for visiting, and says to come back soon! — American Girl Doll Artist    

Review: Grace’s Baking Set

This is a review of Grace’s Baking Set. I purchased this at the AG store 2 weeks ago, but I haven’t had a chance to do a post about it. Since this set doesn’t involve clothing, it’s wasn’t included in the Fashion Show. Anyway, it’s time for a review! Here’s the whole set. First, the mixer. The mixer is adorable. I love the light blue color of it, and the sticker that says, “La Patisserie.” The mixing attachment turns for 10 {Read More}

New Instore Exclusive: Grace’s French Pastry Set Review

You would not believe how excited my sister and I were when we heard about this set. We were so excited! Whoever made up this set was really smart. I think it’s going to sell out fast. Anyway, I bought this at the AG store on Friday. I learned about this set from Living A Doll’s Life (seriously, awesome blog; they have the hottest AG news) and I wanted to get it right away. Since Catlover02 and I made our {Read More}