Spring 2016 American Girl Releases – My Thoughts

Hi everyone! Today I’m going to go over the new spring releases! Spring Breeze Dress Set – $32 I love this. The color is so refreshing and it just looks so comfy. For the doll, that is. 🙂 I love the fact that you can take off the mesh on the top so it looks casual. The leggings could be used for mixing and matching. I love everything about this! Sprinkles Outfit – $30 I’m not sure what I think {Read More}

New Beforever Mystery Book Covers and More

On American Girl Publishing, they have some new book titles and the covers for the Beforever mysterious coming out in the future. The Finders-Keepers Rule is coming out in March. The Ghost Wind Stallion is coming out in March. The Crystal Ball (revised) is coming out in March. The Stolen Sapphire (revised) is coming out in March. Doll school will have all new photos (with newer outfits) and will be released in June. Doll Sports will be released in June {Read More}