Review: Pet Travel Kennel

I’m sorry it has taken me so long to write this. Enjoy!   The travel kennel is useful for toting my doll pets around, and it can hold up to 2 of the new pets, three sitting pets and about 4 soft-bodied pets, depending on size. It’s kind of flimsy when there aren’t any pets inside, but that okay, nothing has broken or ripped. I love it that a soft blanket for the pet is included. The blanket is not {Read More}

Meet Crystal

Who wouldn’t want to meet an adorable kitten? Crystal is the new kitty in the house, and you can read about her homecoming here. Crystal is the new pet cat American Girl came out with this summer, and I finally got around to doing a photo-shoot with her this morning. Crystal loved to frolic around in the dew, especially after I took her collar off.Crystal has been pretty happy in her new home. She likes to snuggle at bedtime and sniff the flowers {Read More}

New Addition to the Pet family!

Hi folks, Jessica here. I know I should be talking about fashion, but I’m actually talking about pets. Last night, I asked Mom for a new pet, and she said I could go to the Pet Store down the street the next day and pick out a pet. So this morning I woke up and got dressed. I wore this cute polka-dot purple dress and I just loved it and- Jessica, your supposed to be talking about going to the pet store. {Read More}