My American Girl “Wishlist” 2015

I know I called it a wishlist, but it’s going to be more like a “likes” list. It’s a list of my favorite American Girl items as gift suggestions for people I know… I’m not hoping to get everything on this list, thankfully. 🙂 Let’s start with the outfits. Catlover02 has Grace’s pajamas and they are really cute. My Grace would like her own pajamas to snuggle up in at bedtime. ($24) I really like the mix and match potential {Read More}

AG Catalog Photos (January 2015)

Enjoy the photos!       Thank you for reading and looking! – American Girl Doll Artist 🙂

Isabelle’s Last Dance Part 2

Isabelle sat in her wardrobe. A tear fell on her cheek. How could she forget? She knew would retire soon. Am I not good enough? she wondered. “Meow!” “Tutu!” Isabelle cried, “Come sit on my lap!” Tutu hopped up. She wiggled around, waiting for Isabelle to scratch her chin. Meanwhile, Jamie ran off the talk to Kanani. “Jamie?” Kanani asked, “What’s going on?” Jamie told her the whole story. “Well, I’ll go talk to her,” Kanani said, leaving Jamie alone. {Read More}

Grace 18″ Doll Photo and Video

There is a video on Youtube of Grace. It’s the 18″ version. Grace (in my opinion) is gorgeous. She is very unique. I love her huge blue eyes and side bangs. Catlover02 already wants to buy her. I like her a lot, but I’m sure Catlover02 will get her before me. I wonder what the contest will be. Kanani had the E-card sweepstakes, and Saige had the hot air balloon art contest. What do you think of Grace? – American Girl Doll {Read More}

AG Holiday Catalog Pictures

  Which pictures are your favorites? I really like the one of all the Just like Me dolls. They made it look like a choir! The pets at the bottom are pretty cute too. The ice skating one is also really gorgeous. They did a great job making it look real. – American Girl Doll Artist 🙂

American Girl Beforever Catalog

We got our American Girl magazine in the mail today! I enjoyed looking at all the new items. American Girl makes such great sets for the dolls, they almost look real! They should make a doll house set with 2 stories. It would probably sell for over $500 though. The cover of the magazine can fold out and it turns into a poster! The Beforever dolls are on the front and this is on the back. You can push the {Read More}

Kanani’s Discovery

“Hey, look,” Kanani said, “It’s a catalog. Come on Pepper, lets look at it!” “Oooo! I just love that new hat. It would go with so many of my outfits! Hey Jamie, come look at this! Oh wait, she’s sleeping.” “Wait a minute!” Kanani couldn’t believe her eyes. “Who is this?” “Is this the new girl of the year?” Kanani shrieked, not even bothering to keep her voice down. “How could they? I am the girl of the year! Or so {Read More}