Something Hidden…

I was looking at my American Girl catalog and I noticed the For Goodness Bake sweepstakes part. I started to read the prizes: Grand Prize: Grace doll and book, the French bakery, bistro set and baking outfit, and a matching apron for girls. First Prize: The Grace doll and book. Second Prize: A Grace bracelet for girls and her first book. Third Prize: Grace inspired Tee and phone case for girls, plus Grace’s first book. Hm…. Grace bracelet for girls? {Read More}

The Science Project

This is a new series I’m making. Here’s the cast, Jessica as Miss Beaker Bethany as Sal Jackson Grace Thomas as Erica Matthews Spring as Ava White Josefina as Ruth Jackson ******************************************************************************************************************************************** Erica Matthews was excited for science class. Not that she loved science, but because it was her last subject of the day, and she would have the weekend ahead of her. She hurried through the hall and opened the classroom door. The other students were already there. Erica {Read More}