Gotcha! – A Photostory

I watched the mixer spin around and around. I was making madeleines, a delicious french treat, perfect for the Patisserie. The ingredients were swirling around smoothly and soon I would have the perfect madeleine dough. After a few minutes of being hypnotized, I realized that someone was at the counter. Well, actually, they made me come to my senses when they cleared their throat, a little loudly, at that. “I’m coming, I’m coming!” I exclaimed. I rushed to the counter, {Read More}

Bethany at the Beach

Hi, everyone. I, Bethany, am going to tell you all that happened this morning. The sun was shining. Sweat was making its way down my forehead. All of my sisters and I were super hot. We used fans and lemonade. Those didn’t cool us off. Suddenly, an idea popped into my head. I could go to the beach! I packed all of my accessories and headed off. When I got there, it was empty, and boy, did I feel cool! {Read More}